Social Media Mistakes Most Small Businesses Make –

Every day, more and more small businesses are making the jump to social media and SEO it maybe because the phone is not ringing

Understand the value of it of digital.  It can be a the most powerful marketing tool when it is done correctly, and with a proper strategy behind it.

Without a strategy in place, you won’t be able to get any of the benefits from social media SEO and it’ll rub off on your brand. Here are * mistakes small businesses are making that you should avoid.

  1. Trying to take on too many platforms at once.

This is a common question asked to me, and something I always advice – You don’t need to be on every social media platform! For certain businesses, such as a cake maker, they should definitely be on visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, where they’ll relish. Why would solicitors need to be on/having businesses such as solicitors or

1.1 not paying for adverts. Its pay to play on social try pixel and remarketing

  1. Connecting your Facebook/Twitter Posts

This is something that really frustrates me whenever I see it. I can’t comprehend why people would have the – Posted Via Twitter or a half Facebook link post with a sentence that stops halfway through. The companies who do that do so to make it appear as if they are active online, whereas it’s usually the opposite. They are different platforms, which need to be treated differently. Just because something may work on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that the same thing applies to every other platform that you use.


Using social is about understanding etiquette

  1. Not having any type of social media strategy.

A very popular mistake!  You don’t need to dive straight in and just start throwing content out there, expecting your audience to find you magically and earn 1 million followers in your first half hour. You get back what you put in! No input no output!

  1. Not replying to your audience

A huge mistake, which is one of the most important, is not replying to your audience. What is the point of building up this community of yours, if you are not willing to respond to them? You aren’t on social media for the right reasons if that’s your behavior. People are on social media to interact with people, you are defeating the purpose of being on there by just using it to promote what you want. Look at some of the bigger companies such as McDonalds or Nike, who have millions of followers, and still reply to their audience. They aren’t too big to not reply, so what makes you think you are any bigger than them that you

  1. Selling too much

Some people don’t seem to understand the concept of overselling their products/services. Similar to the people who go to networking events and just hand out their business cards, nobody is going to be buying from you or want to. You have to build a relationship with your community before you can then introduce your products to them. Swap the situation around, and you wouldn’t be too happy with someone constantly shoving their product in your face. You wouldn’t want it happening to yourself, so why do it to others?

6. Not using Google my Bussiness this has to be the best free gift from google ever!


7 UGC… User-generated content is the way forward and still to this day is the only way of getting a post to go viral


8 Geotag your images for SEO this is the best way of ranking on GMB


9. Not updating your website. Checking that your website has had audit is important. Meta descriptions key words images that are the right size checking the speed. All the things that will bring in more leads

10. Measure your success. How many people move onto your website check google analytics. Always use the number of people that like, share, and comment as a gauge of how well your social is going. Measure your web success if you are page 1 for your keywords and phrases.

Google my Business Loving Social Media

google my business add social media profiles


10. Stop learning about new thinks

Here are some links where you can get more info is whre you can check your website for free the lastest and best social news and training Gary can predict the future check him out 

business of loving

Good luck – Just remember learn, improve and implementation is the key.