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The London Expo was in full swing by the time we got there (a little later than we should have been.. oops.) We set up our stand and ran to do our talk.
We were surprised at the number of visitors and other exhibitors that were in the room! The talk last just over an hour and then we were back on our stand, watching magic happy

We would like to thank Dawn and Karen for the opportunity to exhibit at their expo, and also for the chance to look after their social media in the months prior to the event! The exhibition was a success and we would definitely consider coming again next year!

The Mayor or Leyton also made a cheeky appearance towards the end of the expo, and had a speech handy for the drinks reception.

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Showing off our Social media services

Overall the event was a great success and we met some wonderful people on the day that we hope to keep in touch with. Business cards became scarce but the spirit still remained! Great job to all who attended and we hope to cross paths again!



So they say the difference between a professional marketeer and a marketeer that is just playing at it is a professional will always measure what goes on um to see if the squeeze is worth the juice and uh this is something that you should be looking at quite in quite some detail because it tells you what’s effective what’s not and where to change direction so at the top

it’s a c new profile performance well uh until recently it was all spread out on the same page that’s why it says new um you can change the date of to uh where you want your um your time period to be up and again so you can see this here that the interactions with google my business the number of calls that you get and the messages you get and uh if somebody is logged into google this I’ve just found out this recently because of the um uh the privacy laws it doesn’t give you the full picture but it gives you a really good idea of what’s happening so um 17 i know that most are you happy with 17 who knows but i i reckon you’d be happy with

700 people looking at your site that’s for sure now and here’s a breakdown of who’s looking at a desktop who’s looking at from a mobile um this is this bit i find the most interesting and it’s the uh words that people are plugging in to find us so people find us from our brand and people are finding us from using keywords really really interesting uh this is a graphical representation of who’s finding where now these ones branded they would have found you any way they put in l

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loving social media and that was fine um over a quarter we’ve seen 1 310 searches in the green they weren’t uh they were going to come any way they were looking for social media in Enfield in the blue is much more uh exciting 883 would not have found us if we hadn’t had google my business now it all obviously wants me to spend money with google because that’s it’s a public limited company it’s not a charity and later on we’re going to talk about how you can spend money to get your campaign exactly to where you want because at the beginning uh it does take time to work and you might want to spend money to get yourself uh a boost but it will say um promotional ad so as we go down here uh we look at how things have been going over the last quarter and look there was a spike 120 people looked at us on the 29th of jan so

would have done something special on that day and it’s well worth looking at the spikes and saying well what did we do that day um this is one of my favorite graphs because it tells me phone calls people are not going to phone me unless they’re really really interested so over this period of time i’ve had 14 calls 118 people went from my google my business to my website now that that must be interesting to you because uh they wouldn’t do that unless they were they they wanted to um do some business with me and i’ve had two messages directly this is interesting uh it really nails down where where the clients are coming from and um mainly london uh what days the calls come in um this is interesting the i i try and put how many i take so many pictures always putting them up and um if you can get that’s businesses like me next to next to not very many and there’s my my business that’s how many i put up i really am disciplined with um putting up photographs it still counts if the photographs are from your customer but you can see that is a strength it really shows people what we’re about so we’ve done it we’ve looked at the situation of

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recording your KPIs the most interesting thing is really here looking at the words that people are using and um i find that fascinating to find out social media consultant um i’d like more work like that and so I can now i know people are looking for it i can then put it on my website or even make a um make a post of it so um i hope this was of interest for me this data is is essential because then you know it’s actually working so i hope you’ve enjoyed it i hope you like uh your left side of your brain the logical side because uh google my business i guess what i like is both logical and it’s creative so um that’s me over and out and i hope you’ve enjoyed this dive into analytics



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