Work Experience at Loving Social Media – Social Media Managers in Enfield

Work Experience at Loving Social Media - Social Media Managers in Enfield

Work Experience at Loving Social Media – Social Media Managers in Enfield

Work Experience at Loving Social Media Managers in Enfield

“Before starting my work trial at Loving Social Media I had mixed emotions. I was nervous of the unknown but also excited for what was to come. I heard such great things about Gary and how he could benefit my career. So far it hasn’t disappointed, the staff have been amazing, it’s a perfect atmosphere for a workplace, fun and bubbly but also determined to succeed and complete the task in hand.”

“Gary is a great boss and Thegz is an amazing teacher. They have both taught me so much already in my 10 days and I hope I could learn more from them in the future. During my first couple of days at Loving Social Media it was very nerve racking, however, the team really made me feel welcome. I knew it wouldn’t be easy because on the first day I had a task over the two weeks to get 2000 followers on a brand new twitter account. Gary and Thegz both gave me tips and advice on how to gain more followers and just general tips on how to keep a good, interesting twitter page. In the first couple days they also taught me about Likealyzer, and how you could check your Facebook score and it also explains what you’re doing wrong and right with your Facebook page.”

“In the beginning of my second week at Loving Social Media I had achieved 1,200 followers all within the correct area. Gary was very pleased and it gave me such boost and motivated me for the rest of week. Before I started the work trial I wasn’t really up to date with Twitter however by the 2nd week I was confident with Tweeting the right stuff. I was using the tips Gary and Thegz taught me and also was researching on the big companies Twitter pages and see what they were doing right. It was mainly keep your followers engaged and keep your Twitter page interesting.”

“During my second week I was also involved more with Gary’s opticians, GoodLooking Optics. Being on the shop floor and keeping the customers happy. At GoodLooking optics the customer service was very different to any other opticians I’ve been to. As a client you would never be ignored, you’ll receive the right stuff to keep you happy, Tea and Biscuit while you wait, can’t go wrong with that service. Gary taught me to never ignore the customers, and just make them feel welcome into the shop. On the shop floor I also learnt to call customers to inform them that their glasses or contacts were available in the shop to pick up.”


“On the last couple of days Gary invited me to his business workshop, where 10-15 small business owners turned up to learn more about how social media could help improve your business. There were businesses from Wedding planners to School uniforms, a vary of businesses. While I was there I learnt so much more from the workshop. Gary and Thegz explained how Twitter and Facebook worked for your business, they explained that why should you pay for adverts when you could simply promote your business on social media. I also learnt the structure of a business; operations, finance and marketing.
During the workshop Gary gave me an opportunity to speak in front of everyone and explain how I had achieved gaining so many followers in just over a week, and how I felt about my time working with Loving Social Media. I wasn’t just the only one to gain knowledge during the workshop, everybody left there very satisfied with now knowing what to do on social media to gain a better business status.”Work Experience at Loving Social Media - Social Media Managers in Enfield


“Overall my time working at Loving Social Media has been very helpful, gaining so much knowledge. Looking back I very much enjoyed my time, it has developed me and gained me the experience I was looking for. I hope there will be a place for me at Loving Social Media to develop my career even further in the world of social media.”

Written by Rhys Williams



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