Garry Kousoulou goes behind the scenes of Lorraine for an interview on Daddy Daycare and Social Media

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Garry Kousoulou goes behind the scenes of Lorraine for an interview on Daddy Daycare and Social Media

Daddy Daycare: career man Garry kousoulou  took part in a new Channel 4 show in which fathers were given a crash course in childcare.

Some men are useless with kids. And some shows really don’t help the issue I hope that daddy daycare shows the real issue of men being in day care. British women do twice as much childcare as men, and nearly half of all mothers feel that their partners don’t do their fair share. The nation’s mums have had enough. In this series, men are sent on a crash course in childcare by their long-suffering wives and partners. A workaholic father-of-three, reluctant dad-of-one and nervous father-to-be spend a week working at South London nursery


Garry Kousoulou seo expert goes behind the scenes of Lorraine for an interview on Daddy Daycare and Social Media. What an experience! To be watched by 5 million people.

Just yesterday a lady told me that she was in Australia and was flicking through the television and saw daddy daycare on the TV

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here we are in the range studio that this is her green room they’ve got you know what they’ve got they’ve got like shot Laraine thingy and let budget repeat because I got PG tix overvalued look at is anyone we’re here to do a shot to talk about the show daddy day care he’s just blowing his future at itv just as that one thing they’re gone yeah that’s it yeah name it yes you say about say for the please really nice i’ll call ya using stevens here but I run a fans forum for shaky well not for shaky for me a shaky knows about it and yeah it’s a very popular worldwide and stuff you see a lot of shaky stuff within this program of one next week as well if you look carefully breath away or to shake your presence and I’ll recognize out like you know that that did you see the program before they ain’t done it not like I saw a cut but last night’s one was it be freely completely different really so to get a worthy for that ready because I’ve seen one yeah and you’re happy with it well I was sucked up don’t know I was happy with mine until last night I had it changed really yeah but it definitely didn’t show me as such a baddie at the beginning and I’m really not I think that figure worry too much it cutting it after your work do you think I worry too much you definitely a warrior I don’t come across all right and at the end of the day they’re gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna be edited to make to look it’s gotta be interested isn’t it for sure and just like this there’s no point in Devon what’s going on there because what’s the point of bloody program be bought but the real issues real wish you to the ones about about that should there be more vote it’s interesting that the kids were drawn to the guys in our one I don’t know if that was the same with you what is its someone different as well isn’t it it’s someone different you know and it’s just having the cars around and I larking around and what have you you’ve got golden nugget and one golden Maggie sue a daddy day care there’s a few nuggets and the nappies that have changed look smelly actually warmer you must have done that if you do you do none of it do you know what I think it’s so well they were like move on what an epi thing yeah I think I’ve done it for about five minutes they let me in babies for nothing for like the morning really I know babies oh yeah its prey on it’s probably a laureate said somewhere but I didn’t mean that no so a golden nugget nomads oh yeah don’t do TV programs hey I’ve got fun quality time is better the quantity time for me I would say yeah just doesn’t pay as well no way yeah Heather thank you thank you this one watch it next Wednesday

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Daddy Daycare: career man Garry took part in a new Channel 4 show in which fathers were given a crash course in childcare

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