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A joined-up approach to SEO Gets to the top of google the correct way.  When you do get to page 1 your phone will ring and new enquires will come in.

An  engaging approach toward Social media



Social media brings in a return when you see likes shares and comments when you are collecting email and bringing in leads. What it is not is a broadcasting channel.

The simple answer is… it makes it a whole lot harder for us! Images not loading, posts not posting. It’s madness! Yesterday our CEO, Garry Kousoulou, almost died because of the lack of social media!

We use Facebook every single day, putting up posts and keeping a brilliant online presence, it is ESSENTIAL for us, so it is gone is like our life support being cut off!

The reality is since social media has become mainstream it affects every part of our lives.

Just going to a restaurant and everybody looking at their phone rather than talking to each other.  My children are able to communicate with each other from their bedrooms whereas before the engagement used to happen in real life.

Winner of social MediaSo many positive as there are negative aspects too.

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The beauty is that we can enjoy looking at what’s happening to relatives and friends without having to be with them. So many negative aspects is it’s hurting people’s mental health but I’m not engaging in real-life activities. When you look at Twitter the power that Donald Trump has in his hand,  delivery of a message to the world’s press

So easily a small business owner can get the visibility  that before had to put in a newspaper ad costing hundreds of pounds can now compete with the larger corporate companies


great people have always been connected i use this phrase to the people in the wrong zip codes like I’ve always been talking to the wrong people and I’ve would love to start a podcast but it’s like


The world does that but I love it cover investors talked about I think that everybody on here regardless of whether or people have liked or disliked your content I think we’ve got to be moving systematically off of the platforms into our own platforms as he’s saying with having that podcast is the people that identify with the people that do find value will find the value they are but then you’re controlling that direct to consumer sort of interaction that right so as primitive as it is mailing list tax list that’s where everybody’s going to be moving now as people continue to get shadowbanned or reaches continue algorithms continue to shut down your ability to reach your own followers it’s going to be really important that you take the people that are engaging with you and move them off on your own contact steers

Instagram is fun, creative, and brilliant! We love seeing the likes and comments flood in when we put a beautiful picture up. Having it gone is like losing our creative mindset, and we can’t have that!

WhatsApp… our wonderful WhatsApp. Communication, content, and morale all in one app. Now this one was a big blow. Losing proper communication with the clients was a pain the backside for sure, we couldn’t send or receive any content in a world where content is king!

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Discord is a new social platform for gamers, we spoke to Rapod/Alex about how this affected his discord server, FUT & CHILL – FIFA 21 Trading. Alex said: “Instagram is one of our biggest sources of traffic, I noticed that during this day, our daily new member count almost halved! The importance of social media marketing for modern business often goes overlooked, but for some, it can really make a big difference.”

In conclusion, WE. LOVE. SOCIAL. MEDIA. and we cannot go without it even for a day! It’s like if all the taps in the UK turned off for a day with no warning, what a disaster. Thank god it’s all back today! If you’re a business and social media going down doesn’t affect you, call us now!

The goal of all of this shared social media is to bring people from borrowed land to your land

I’m sure everybody agrees with me, We cannot leave all our eggs in one basket

is to take it over to things that you have more control over such as your email is such as your website so you post you know with whatever from an artistic,  safely, protective perspective on your website you know on there you have more control over their versus social media … You have control

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