Social media and SEO packages for #Opticians

Social media and SEO packages for #Opticians

Social media and SEO packages for Opticians

The Who, What, Why, & How of Digital Marketing.

We have the answers and track record. 

As the first person in the world to publish a book on #socialmedia for #opticians  Our agency is in a really good place to look after your digital marketing.

Shift the burden of running social media and SEO to the team of professionals.

Social Media and Digital Strategy: For Opticians

We know a fair bit about how to work with you Creating Powerful #digitalart Marketing for Your Optical Business You’ve got a great website, but how can you be found in the crowded digital space? Our Digital Marketing is tailored specifically for the Optical Industry and is designed to cut through the noise of the busy digital arena, and ensure you are visible to people searching for the services you offer, in your local area. Having worked as an optometrist for 25 years I really do understand the industry. Content writing for various campaigns is a lot easier! SEO and Social Media need thought and planning

Here is a short video to explain how the social media and SEO packages work for Opticians.

Why us to

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We have a winning digital strategy success formula that works –


If you are an owner of an optician or part of its a success you’re going to want to watch this video to the end why because we’re a social media company that specializes in opticians I’ve been an optician for 25 years I know most things that make a great practice tick along and I’m very happy to say that my practice that I no longer own the whole thing i managed to sell it and follow my dream of doing the marketing so a little bit tiny little bit about me i was this year’s judge in the business book awards specifically for marketing

Who do we love to work with?

A client should ideally be:


  • A love for independent practices, passionate about improving patients’ lives, ideally has a great frame range
  • An ambitious outlook working towards a five-day testing week.
  • Committed to signing a one-year contract with a 6-month get-out clause on both sides.
  • Able to have a zoom meeting once a month for 10 or 15 minutes
  • An open mindset to building an online reputation from zero to hero!

Example of optician we help build from under 10 google reviews to now 332 and growing

Powerful Digital Marketing for Your Optical Business

How to build your optical practice

Next Step 

just love it and i know that optical practices are busy looking after patients and testing eyes they don’t have time to do this stuff we do it for you we take away that headache now it’s not a headache for us we like it the difference is as well that every single optician has an account manager all of them have a degree in marketing and are really caring of your return on your investment and care about what makes your practice individual to the other so let’s really dive into this i want to go through very

Search Engine Optimization

seo opticians

firstly what a search with intent means once you’re once you’re on uh google you can type something in and if it doesn’t have intent it’s quite general so this is very very specific opticians in randomness lane harold you are only looking for that i know 300 people a month search for this search term and our clients first not only are they first there but they’re also first on the organic search so this is run by something called google my business and this is your general google you’ve got google domination there now that story doesn’t end in there we look at also reviews i can show you clients that we’ve looked after that we took on they had less than 10 reviews now they’ve got 200 reviews how did we do that we trained the staff we cleared up some of the negative things that were on there some were some patients weren’t even real it was it was made up and that’s what we do we do online reputation i hear you wonder well how much does all this cost Garry,  sounds great but um can i afford this well the good news is is that we have a number of packages to suit all different types of size practice


seo funnelbecause you’re individual, the most popular one is the splash and on splash you’ve got the really the four best social media platforms for a practice linkedin so you’ve got your business to business youtube facebook instagram now some would argue that tick tock should be in there now we can swap one in and out that’s fine if you feel that that that’s the case uh the other thing we do is we’ve got this advanced strategy for implementation because we know that the subjects whether it be myopia control dyslexia or dry eye we really know how to write about that and get it written so that includes a special project that might be a blog you do need a blog really important to get get high up google my business is under control and the best thing of all is you really can sit back and relax with this product we do need an advocate on the shop floor because when you get some new frame or something really cool you buy an oct and upgrade we need to know about that if you don’t have an advocate you could you could spare for less than five minutes a week we will figure a way of maybe contacting the local college or figuring out some way of getting you an ad hook up

Next step 

packages for Opticians

Social Media Management

for that shop floor is really important the next package is called the sprinkle sprinkles three five seven plus that far a little bit less posts um four social media platforms we work that out together when i speak to clients and they say they had an agency didn’t quite work out they’re trying this out i say did you ever read the old agencies report they said they didn’t understand it it’s a real shame we care about making a bespoke report you do hopefully watch and read like this loom video google my business speak to business owners and they say ah you know i set this thing up two years ago three years ago i don’t need to do it now well this is ongoing for those that don’t know when you put up a post it expires in a week we really want to understand that and of course we have meetings scheduled for once a month sprinkle this is just a light touch making sure that you’re present that your awareness in the local community is there we also have um that’s something non-compromising the meetings once a month uh account management google my business getting high up there because social media is great and they might not need a new pair of glasses or a pair of sunglasses or contact lenses but when they’re searching it on google the two marry up really well and it shows that you’re you’re really up to date with what you want to do we do do a little bit of web design we don’t make websites but we certainly know who’s good at making them and we’ve made lots for our clients through our specialists that’s gary kusulu i hope this has been of interest if you own an optician’s in this digital age


Social Media Management Enfield

it’s like you’re using a fax machine if you are reliant on word of mouth it’s too slow there’s too much competition people are searching online you’re searching online so like maybe upgrade to an electric car maybe upgrade to a better phone this is upgrading your marketing i leave you with this tool you should really be spending two percent of your turnover on marketing so find this budget it’s not very big we’re completely accountable with a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t work for you that’s saying

We hope that you get in touch it’ll be a zoom meeting for the first initial consultation


Product Detail Price
Special Projects

Our special projects will be anything from an event to a webinar to email marketing. We’ll help send PR out to gathering attendees and promote this on social platforms. Podcasts is another area we work in.

Online reputation management

YouTube optimisation

Training of staff for gaining more Google reviews

Social Platforms We’ll post on up to 5 social platforms of your choice and we will give you advice on which ones. Included in Splash Package
SEO Advanced Strategy and implementation. Keyword research to rank higher on Google. Included in Splash Package
Reports In-depth monthly reports and weekly updates. Included in Splash Package
Paid Boosting of social posts on platforms which are requested. Included in Splash Package
Outbound Business acquisition. We aim to reach out to 10 potential prospects a week. Included in Splash Package
Meetings Once per week Included in Splash Package
GMB Managed Google My Business including posts and review answering. Included in Splash Package
Engagements Share and engage on all posts to increase activity. Included in Splash Package
Blogs 1 blog per month to work on the keywords and rank on Google. Included in Splash Package
  £550 + VAT



Blog Writing

Blogs drive traffic to your site from search engines and can be linked to your social media. Engaging subjects and well written content will position you as the authority in your local area. It also adds that personal touch and helps customers connect with your staff.

As the first to publish a book on social media for opticians we know a fair bit about how to work with you Creating Powerful #digitalart Marketing for Your Optical Business You’ve got a great website, but how can you be found in the crowded digital space? Our Digital Marketing is tailored specifically for the Optical Industry and is designed to cut through the noise of the busy digital arena, and ensure you are visible to people searching for the services you offer, in your local area. —


Results and Reporting

It comes at the end, but it’s the most important part! Understanding how your campaigns are working is vital to the success of your Digital Marketing. We will contact you every month by email or phone to ensure that your campaigns are delivering for your business.

We have a number of packages, all of which have a holistic approach:


The Sprinkle Package address’s what needs to be done to remain relevant in the digital age.

Growth is slower but certainly ticks the boxes of what is fundamentally important for an optical practice to survive in this current climate.


The Ripple Package allows room for growth but with an emphasis on the optician being more involved with the deliverables.

More social media platforms give an increase in visibility locally. More time spent on search engine optimization to get you on the first page on Google.


The Splash Package is the most popular with opticians and delivers real growth in patient numbers. This includes audits, competition analysis, and all the social media platforms that are necessary for success. A very responsive account manager that is available through normal working hours.

We expect to see an increase in telephone calls, working towards an additional 100 calls a month.

The packages are incredibly good value for money; therefore, it only includes one practice. If additional practices want to be included, the package can be reviewed on an individual basis.

For further information on the various packages, please see more here – https://lovingsocialmedia.com/plans-and-

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