5 Golden Tips for SEO success

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The feeling of being first on the first page of Google is quite amazing. Not only does it pay well, it upsets your competition!  The new enquiries are never ending.
You are in a unique privileged place that not many companies have been in the world.
But there is something even better than that….  SEO Google domination, you are at the top for pay per click. You are top on local search through Google My Business and other local search tactics and you are first for organic search.

Less than 1% of the business community has ever felt this and enjoyed the return on investment of being perched at the top of the Google tree.
I am very privileged to be one of them; let me tell you the phone does not stop ringing!
However, it takes a long time to get to such a position and a pretty short time to lose it, so you have to keep it up. My blog post today is a simple guide to Google domination.
Please don’t be under the impression that search engine optimisation is easy though. It’s not super difficult but you’re going to need the discipline of activity practically every day and be signed up to a philosophy of life long learning.

How Google trawls your site

The Google bots or spiders report back to Google after crawling your sites. It’s great if they keep coming back quite often every day to find new things, but what’s more common is they only come back to your site say once a year, every six months. Why?  Because you’re not updating and changing the site. Google is looking for an authority on a subject and that’s what you need to prove but without overdoing it.
You definitely don’t want a page full of your keywords. Keep it limited to repeating the key word no more more than two or three times on any particular page.
Remember to do your housekeeping (on page) with a site crawl or a site audit.
There are many places to get this done for free. Or you can use a paid for service such as my personal favorites: www.semRush.com  or www.woorank.com


The first step to simple SEO (off page) Strategy

A quick win is to make a YouTube video and name it using your key word. Yes, you got it – it’s pretty simple and if it’s an easy non-competitive keyword, you should be top within about 4 to 8 weeks. ( This simple strategy generally works, but not every time)
Quick note:  you need a full 500 word  description when uploading your video to be thorough and precise and you need the title of your video to be your keyword.
This helps with keyword consistency which is what it says on the tin;  the Google bots and spiders see you as an authority for your keywords and phrases.

Also, a fast hosting company is so important. If load time is slower than 3 seconds, you really need to get that looked at in this mobile-first world we live in. Get your speed time checked. Running a speed test on the website is a must every now again.


Off Page is mainly the Human part when people /websites are sending you referrals though a link. Getting the quantity and quality of referrals into your SEO requires smart, ongoing effort… All of which you’ll discover in this blog.


Google rules

It’s rumoured that there are over 250 different types of rules that Google set. Some of them are positive rules i.e. the hummingbird update which tells you the things you must do to keep within the rules and some are negative.

So links from one site to another tells Google that your website is great : we have total endorsement from one website from another. (Warning: be careful who you link with; this can go against you)

The relevance, trustworthiness and authority that effective off-page SEO affords a website still plays a major role in a page’s ability to rank.
Non pushed endorsement is important and must look authentic every time.

A really simple off-page5 Golden Tips for SEO success strategy is to ask your suppliers, local charities and surrounding businesses to link their page to yours.
One of our favourite off-page strategies is discussion in forums and Facebook groups. This means asking influencers to add a link and can be really powerful.
We have picked up many links through guest blogging or being on somebody’s podcast.
The best thing about off page SEO is it relies on human behaviour and we love people!

Reputable and trustworthy is the key here. Having links coming into your site like the penguin panda update that will get you penalized.

social media London

Off-page SEO
This is achieved by other websites giving you authority as an industry leader by linking their sites to yours.
It’s going to happen on social media or a website or website it can happen in discussion forum

The first step to simple SEO (On page) Strategy

So let’s get this straight from the beginning. For top search engine optimization results that lead to page 1 success, you have to have a fast, well structured website. That’s called on page strategy.

This is the more technical side of things where what you do on your website really counts.

Therefore key words are so important. I have a link to make your key word search much easier. Free SERP results on any keywords for anyone, anywhere. (My next blog will be just on key words) https://www.accuranker.com/rank-tracker
So let’s go through the hummingbird – a lovely positive google update.
The hummingbird update says if you do these things you will gain ranking on Google.
In hummingbird, we are encouraged to use natural language, so a search phrase which fine tunes the keywords.

Linking your website to another, one which has an authoritative power such the BBC or an trade association can be positive and has such super powers. Linking you social media to your website is gold!

How Google ranks

In February 2011, the game changed for web designers and search engine optimisation experts because of the Google panda update.
This is about on page quality not thin content where there are only 30-40 words. We are talking about real quality. No spelling mistakes, no grammatical errors, no backlinks to dodgy sites!

Ask yourself:
Does your site have duplicate or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?
Are you providing content that is copied from elsewhere?
Do visitors to your website arrive and just leave straightaway?

If the answer is yes, you need our help. Contact us today at info@lovingsocialmedia.com or call on 0203 846 8888 to find out how we can help.


Your server’s IP address has little difference on your SEO. Nevertheless, try to host your website on a server that is geographically close to your visitors. Search engines take the geolocation of a server into account as well as the server speed. This makes a massive difference

Pro tip

 Local Directories





Key Tips

1 Make sure your website loads within three seconds.

2 Clean up your website. Ensure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

3 Add a blog to your website.  that way you get keywords that organic the Google come rank for make sure that your blog is at least 1000 words long not under 250

4 Create a YouTube channel with a link back to your website. Embed video into your site so people can stay longer, increasing the quality of your bounce rate.

5 Get into special interest community groups on LinkedIn and Facebook and get a link back to your website.

6 Stay authentic

Big tip  Meta Tags appears in browser tabs, bookmarks, and in search result pages.

Make your title tags clear, concise (65 characters, 200-569 pixels) and include your most important keywords.



seo funnel

Google My Business is a mix of both on page and off

We have not talked about Google My Business and that is an added bonus.

It is the best gift Google has given us for local search! That’s the pigeon update!

Initially, my journey in the search engine optimisation world started when I was interested in Social Media in 2007.
Back then, Social Media had absolutely nothing to do with SEO and I’m really glad it now has. If you want to learn, you are going to have to constantly evolve and stay up-to-date.
It used to give me a real kick carrying around no business cards and just saying to people type in best Optician in the world and I had Google domination.
Follow my easy tips and make sure that you measure your work with Google Analytics.

If you want loving social media to give you a done for you package have a look at our price list

pages make it easy for users to complete objectives and common tasks and use a design or template that is consistent across all devices (uses responsive web design).

make sure your site is well configured for mobile users.


Pro Tip


Insert keywords your Key Words

Add keywords to better understand and optimize your website’s traffic.

Type into google your search and see what google comes up with



Would you like to know more?

We have an online SEO course  https://lovingsocialmedia.com/product/master-the-seo-basics/

Feel free to call 0203 846 8888 if you have any SEO questions. We can look after your company’s SEO for you or help you to learn how to do it better yourself.

Reading this blog get you half way to mastery.