5 tips for strong word of mouth in 21st century

Word of mouth in the 21st century.

Tried and tested word of mouth is incredibly trustworthy but mega slow.

Coronavirus has changed the world and digital marketing will never be the same.

50% of Chinese and 31% of Italian consumers say they’re using e-commerce ‘more frequently

When word of mouth goes digital the message spreads online like wildfire, mixed with a review Definitely avoids a quiet month.
When a neighbour advises another that they should use a local retailer, those words only are falling only one pair of ears when somebody posts a recommendation on social media, or your top of google, viewed on an online video One is much closer to gaining new customers.

When google optimised page one for a certain keyword, it’s a constant stream of new leads. Please bear in mind the website that they go to has to be a certain standard,  on-page Search engine optimisation is having your website Quick loafing, well written, mobile-friendly and about 210 different other algorithms!

If when somebody is looking for a certain item or service imagine the possibility of them coming to you to deliver their solution.

Best of all trust is very high because they’ve already done the due diligence.

Unfortunately, I see businesses struggling because they still rely on traditional word of mouth and yes there are so many positives to the word of mouth people are less likely to haggle with. Practically having the deal crossed a line and signed up.

Because it’s being recommended,  trust is already built. Bing is. Consideration to its just that over 85% of the traffic is on Google. So many considerations review social media recommendations and celebrity inducement influences they all count towards an inducement of trust.


Harvard University study trust that they say that when you’re self-interest is equal to the buyer’s self-interest you actually have one that deals not trust has changed if people see you on an Omni channel with lots of likes and follows and recommendations you’re on 1st page of Google you have videos you have a strong brand all your images are high resolution these are all 21st-century triggers to trust

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Before you get into this blog we highly recommend you get your head around using these tools to help you with this guild


Tools to Use in 2020 to be an outstanding digital marketer:

  • Woorank (for Search Engine Optimisation)
  • SEMrush (Finding keywords and where you rank on Google)
  • Canva (Free & simple image creation tool for social media)
  • GTmetrix (Free tool to test your site speed)
  • Google Analytics (Gather data from your website)
  • Moz local   (Local SEO tool free )
  • Pixabay (Stunning free images & royalty-free stock)



If you’d like to know more about word of mouth in the 21st century how you can increase your social media presence how you can get to the top of Google and please give us a call I’ve compiled a list of 5 Top tips

1 Make sure your social media is performing well, Always measure your performance.   Engagement is key you’re not just creating content How many Likes, shares and comments

measure how well you do on social media and SEO

2 Optimize your website and make sure that your website loads quickly. Free speed test from google Have a look at your on-page SEO with this free test   

Free tool for testing how good your website is, and what you can do to improve it. Check accessibility, SEO, social media, compliance and more.

Nibbler – Test any website

Social for opticians

3 definitely sign up to Google my business Geotag for all your images

Google My Business – Drive Customer Engagement on Google

Your free Business Profile on Google My Business helps you drive customers… You can sign up for free! 


social media have done for you

4 ask for recommendations and get a Google review

5 have a strong brand

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Good luck and don’t get left behind

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