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Reassuringly, We keep your message in the public eye, consistently in your voice so you don’t have to.
Using tactics that we love like all social media, SEO, Email, webinars, and the list goes on…
“Friendly Professional Innovative”
We love working with passionate business owners that want to tell the world all about their products and services.

A digital marketing agency for small to medium-sized businesses that let you scale while we do the fulfillment.

The Marketing Strategy starts with your goal.

Here at Loving Social Media and SEO, we create an effective digital marketing strategy for your company to thrive.

Our team of experts work to generate the results you want by ensuring you have the best digital solution possible tracking the results all the way to success and returning your objectives.

In today’s digital world, great businesses are being left behind. We have the joined-up approach that leads to results.

We can take all of the stress away from your business’s digital marketing and improve your online visibility and profitability. Let’s start with Educate, Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action, and end with the ongoing process of Loyalty.

How Do We Do This?

01 Social media management / Pr marketing

02 SEO consulting
services / Content Marketing

03 Web design
services / e-Commerce

04 Email marking

05 Trade shows and Exhibitions

06 Influencer marketing strategy

Some words from our founder Garry Kousoulou

“The first time that I got really excited about Digital Marketing was when I discovered MySpace. From then on, I began to understand how you can successfully get your website to reach the very top of Google. I became obsessed with the power of social media.”

Back in 2004, Garry opened his very own opticians “Good Looking Optics” in the heart of the Enfield community. It became a hybrid of optometry and digital marketing, running his opticians downstairs and a media agency upstairs. These two worlds collided, and in turn, created a thriving business.

Good Looking Optics was recognised by Facebook as the first Opticians in the world to ever use Facebook Live, and Facebook Groups and build a community online, which to this day we are so proud of. Not long after, Loving Social Media was born. aiming to raise awareness of what it’s like to live with multiple sclerosis (MS) while ruining a business is very much what drives the purpose to deliver the best customer service Read more   

Each platform has its own etiquette. Once you understand how each one works, you can make a huge return on investment by crafting a unique online presence.

Through brand recognition, sales, and conversions, we turn strangers into customers – winning you back your money and your time! Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our services.

Add Your In today’s digital world, great businesses are being left behind. We have the joined-up approach that leads to results. We love the fact we are also a carbon neutral company.

Meet The SEO Social Media Team


Director of happiness

My favorite platform is Facebook because I have grown up with it, and it’s really diverse, more than people know. Love a Facebook group to really niche down.
Fun fact: I can do a pirouette or chess champion at 11
Love reading marketing books while watching the news!  


    Digital Marketing Strategist


    Account Manager

    Favorite platform: is Facebook, it’s the easiest place to share into groups and message people
    Fun fact: I’m a film nerd

    Hiya, I’m Rianna the account manager for our purple team! Facebook is my favorite platform because it’s the easiest place to share in groups and message people. A fun fact about me is that I’m a huge film nerd!


    Digital Marketing Strategist


      Account Manager

      Favorite platform: My fav platform for work is Facebook (but in my private life its Ticktock) and I like Facebook because it’s got a lot of cool tools and tricks that you can do to boost your reach.. etc.. as well as the fact it has a very sophisticated Insights suite, that’s useful when doing reports.
      Fun Fact: I can speak two languages.


      Account Manager HR Lead
      Hannah Sawtell


      Head of Kickstarter

        Lucy Hall

        Web Design


        Engagement Team


        Digital Marketing Strategist

          Dennis the dog

          Wellbeing department

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