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These are challenging times for digital marketers and we are here to help you respond to market shifts in the best way possible.

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We know that many social media managers, and other marketing professionals, are wondering what they can do to help their organizations through these difficult times.

That’s why we’ve created an eBook offering practical suggestions for how you can use social media during the Coronavirus Pandemic, including:

  • Gather intelligence on how the crisis is affecting your business
  • Keep your employees, customers, and partners informed
  • Create a crisis communications plan for the situation


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Tip 1: Choose your platforms

There are so many platforms to choose from, each with different purposes. If you want to share photos of your products or completed services, try Instagram or Pinterest. If you want to get involved in industry news, try Twitter. As well as the main platforms, there are niche groups, like Mumsnet, that you might consider because that’s where your target audience is. Now’s the time to research some new platforms and give them a try.


Tip 2: Keep your accounts consistent

Make sure you use your social media channels to create a consistent image of your brand. For example, use the same profile picture (for businesses this would normally be your logo) so you can be easily identified. Decide what your brand voice is and use it across all your accounts. Is it formal, jokey, friendly, sarcastic, inspiring?


Tip 3: Learn about your customers

Find out who your followers are. What do they like? What type of posts do they interact with? This will help you build a better understanding of your customers, and help you create better social media content.


Tip 4: Choose your content wisely

Don’t spam your followers with adverts. Make sure you include plenty of other content: news, updates, entertainment and education. Right now, entertainment is the best option. Share something that will brighten your followers’ day while they’re stuck at home. Entertain them with a puzzle, a quiz or a video.


Tip 5: Follow, respond and engage

Relationships are two-way. If you want your followers to like and share your posts, make sure you are following them back, liking and sharing their posts, and engaging with their interests. Social Media and SEO company London

Do you have a crisis communication plan in place? While we can’t control everything in uncertain times, we can control our responses. Discover tips to help you formulate your plan.

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Make sure you stay connected to your customers with our top tips for social media.

Why social media?

All social media costs you is time, which is the one thing you probably have plenty of right now. Use it to build relationships with your existing customers and reach new ones.