Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Here are our top tips for Twitter:

1. Tweet Early & Often

This tip is particularly important if you’re just getting started with Twitter. In the early stages, you don’t have any baselines as far as how often to tweet or the best times to tweet. And while there are some general guidelines (we’ve even done our own research) the reality is you won’t know the best time to reach your audience until you experiment.

Also, you need to be aware that your followers don’t all check Twitter at the same time. Some people might check in the morning and then not again until later in the evening. In order to get as much reach as possible, try tweeting throughout the day instead of trying to get all your tweets out during business hours.

2. Notice When You’re Over-saturating Your Followers

While you’re sending out all those tweets, you also want to avoid going overboard.

Tweeting every five minutes can be a bit much for your followers. The last thing you want is for your audience to get annoyed with all your tweets and unfollow you to quiet the noise.

3. Engage More Than You Broadcast

Somewhere along the line, brands appear to have forgotten that Twitter is a social network, not just a content distribution tool. As a result, Twitter feeds are filled with marketers and brands strictly tweeting links back to their website.

Sure, some larger brands can get away with broadcasting messages all day. But if your aim is to build your audience or use Twitter for something beyond just spreading brand messaging, you have to engage.

Ask questions, do Twitter polls or hop in on public conversations.

4. Jump on Relevant Trending Topics

Speaking of engaging, a simple way to get started is to join in on trending topics. Take a look at the trending topics on Twitter, which typically have an accompanying hashtags. Then join in on the conversations when it’s relevant.

5. Take Advantage of 280 Characters

In 2017, Twitter made the decision expand it’s character limit from 140 to 280. And while people may have their opinions on whether it was a good or bad idea, the reality is it lets you fit more in each tweet. Don’t take it for granted.

6. Be Part of The Twitter Community

One point we stress a lot is that Twitter isn’t just a content distribution tool. It’s a social network brands can use to connect with their audience. A part of that is being a part of the community.

Too many brands make the mistake of spending little to no time getting to know the Twitter ecosystem.

7. Stop Measuring Success by Follower Count

These days, brands measure success by:

  • Engagement growth
  • Brand sentiment on Twitter
  • Customer response time
  • Leads generated

Start by thinking of what your brand hopes to accomplish on Twitter. Then set goals around that and decide what metrics you’ll use to measure your progress.



  • Limit to 1-2 hashtags per Tweet.
  • Be conversational.
  • Keep your copy short and sweet.
  • Use images, GIFs, and/or videos whenever possible.
  • Test, test, test (and use analytics to see what works)
  • Monitor events and trending conversations.


Helpful Social Media Practices:

Tip 1: Choose your platforms

There are so many platforms to choose from, each with different purposes. If you want to share photos of your products or completed services, try Instagram or Pinterest. If you want to get involved in industry news, try Twitter. As well as the main platforms, there are niche groups, like Mumsnet, that you might consider because that’s where your target audience is. Now’s the time to research some new platforms and give them a try.


Tip 2: Keep your accounts consistent

Make sure you use your social media channels to create a consistent image of your brand. For example, use the same profile picture (for businesses this would normally be your logo) so you can be easily identified. Decide what your brand voice is and use it across all your accounts. Is it formal, jokey, friendly, sarcastic, inspiring?


Tip 3: Learn about your customers

Find out who your followers are. What do they like? What type of posts do they interact with? This will help you build a better understanding of your customers, and help you create better social media content.


Tip 4: Choose your content wisely

Don’t spam your followers with adverts. Make sure you include plenty of other content: news, updates, entertainment and education. Right now, entertainment is the best option. Share something that will brighten your followers’ day while they’re stuck at home. Entertain them with a puzzle, a quiz or a video.


Tip 5: Follow, respond and engage

Relationships are two-way. If you want your followers to like and share your posts, make sure you are following them back, liking and sharing their posts, and engaging with their interests.


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