As a social media manager, I tend to spend most of my time getting my clients higher on Google, so I let my own company slip down on Google.

After a few months of SEO working on our own Website,, we have now achieved Google domination!
We are number 1, 2, 3 & 4 on Google for Social Media Enfield!!



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Accounts Manager at Loving Social Media – Thegz Savvides


First, let me dispel some myths:

Myth #1: Social media will not go away

Committing to monthly retainers might seem like an extra experience. However, it’s not common to do the work you hired the pros for. There is a better way than doing yourself

Myth #2: I need to up my ad spend.

While it’s true that advertising done right can be a business accelerator, it can also be a costly mistake if you don’t know what you’re doing. Organic marketing is alive and well. we can get to the top of google with no spending and really get your brand message out using social media

Myth #3: I need to scrap my existing strategies.

Sometimes the smallest changes can yield huge returns. You just have to know what works and avoid what doesn’t.

If you truly want to benefit your company or clients, you simply require the right kind of training. That’s where your friends at Social Media Examiner can help.

Registering for the Social Media Marketing Workshops (live and online) can help you in the following ways:

Advantage #1: You’ll be able to increase your reach, create better engagement, and boost conversions with Instagram and Facebook, without reliance on contractors.

Advantage #2: You’ll improve your ads performance on Instagram and Facebook. This means better results without waste. You’ll also discover ways to expand your organic reach on each of these platforms.

Advantage #3: You’ll become an asset to your company or clients. Imagine becoming the indispensable go-to resource. This will elevate your performance and your confidence.

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