Keep your brand strong and committed to keeping the colour style and message consistent is crazy important

Seo and social in 2020 Have you noticed how the company and individual Usernames and user profiles are already showing up in search results?

Have you searched your company’s name on Google recently? Go ahead try it now.

6 Steps to Build a Strong Personal Brand in 2020 Building a personal brand has always been important. In this video,

Talking about how to create a strong personal brand

Taking great images picking your colour understanding who your tribe are what you put on social media about yourself if you are living and breathing you have a personal brand your personal brand is not just social media it’s how you interact with people and the message you put out there yes social media and search engine up to social media is a one aspect of that

#1 be authentic

Make an impact think about your goal do you wanna be a world-famous chef a social media expert or world-class optician be authentic be a real person that is the Golden tip


#2 engage with your audience

par being authentic is having an answer for people getting your name out there people need to fill invited into your space and your world

#3 Always add value

part of trust is having the same in self-interest as the other person so if you’re out to take that come through


#4Concentrate on search engine optimization

Google is the best place to find yourself in front of the person searching for you


#5pic Pick a social media platform and get good at it

engage heavily in your audience ask questions be open be authentic add pictures add video following Phone content and Twitter for short term content

podcasting social media search engine optimization this is the way of 2020


extra . always be ready to go! don’t become world-class at getting ready . I was not ready for this video nor was my office I just thought i would roll with it!


Extra Get in the newspaper with a press release


Extra  Write or be in a book


Extra   be on a podcast


Omnichannel is the way forward but you don’t need to create new content for every single piece

be worthy build your audience by being authentic getting your name out there and remember visibility equals credibility equals profitability you need to transform you can monetise


If you’re using social media to grow your business, you’ll more than likely have a Twitter account with the same name, so it is very likely that the Twitter account will appear very high in the search results. This shows that it is important to have a consistent username across various social networks.

Today’s action point! – If you haven’t registered your company name on the major networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, four square, youtube etc, DO IT NOW. For many small / medium businesses, their user accounts on social networks will be the highest-ranked pages in search results.

Top Tip Today– Use a service such as or KnowEm to see whether your username is actually available across many of the popular social networks. If it is not available, you’ll be able to see which one could be registered across all social networks.

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Garry Kousoulou In this Book!

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