Project Description

N0co2 are a volunteer-managed non-profit organisation that are dedicated to protecting our planet from the future damage of climate change. By planting trees, encouraging reforestation, and promoting carbon neutrality, N0co2 hope to reduce our carbon footprint and make a difference in a world that is now fuelled by toxicity.

Founders Charles, Liza and Stephan were inspired by William Macaskill’s book, “Doing Good Better”, and decided to set up N0co2 with a mission to inspire, energise and enable communities to work together to do something about the crisis that we are now inevitably faced with.

How has their organisation grown since working with us?

Loving Social Media have been working alongside N0co2 since September 2019.

Since then, we have supported them in their online journey and helped them improve their online communication, implemented effective ways for them to use social media to gain a wider audience and have ultimately increased the rate of their enquiries and donations.

Initially, we introduced N0co2 to different aspects of online and offline networking, how to increase their engagement and highlighted to them the importance of building and upholding cliental via email marketing. We also built and developed their Instagram and Facebook presence and showed them the sheer power of what DMs, regular interactions and an overall effective profile can achieve, much of which they were not at all familiar with.

Founder Charles Appleby expressed that our approach to N0co2’s brand and narrative was “pragmatic, flexible and has contributed to an exciting, wider media presence”.

He went on to say:

“People often don’t have the confidence to use social media profiles or how to navigate them or make them work, but Loving Social Media were able to “handhold” and guide us through what was initially a real struggle.”

By creating a series of engaging social media campaigns, attractive visual content, and search engine optimization, N0co2 are now thriving more than ever.

We also encouraged N0co2 to host and participate in a number of climate webinars, which at first, they were apprehensive about, but soon realised how beneficial it would be, and took real pleasure in being a part of. Attending and speaking at these webinars, some of which accumulated over 20,000 views, allowed for networking opportunities with other climate groups across London and had a direct positive impact on their donations.

One of N0co2’s main focuses was to ensure that many of their events were more youth driven – for young people, by young people.

“Through LSM, we managed to connect and speak to young people interested in climate change”.

Many of the young people who N0co2 spoke with conveyed a deep passion for environmental awareness and went on to attend their next webinar which turned out to be a great success. As a result, 28 young people became involved and helped coordinate and run N0co2’s next climate webinar which took place on March 3rd and served as monumental learning experience.

“To get 28 young people passionate about climate change, and to provide a platform for them, many of whom have never spoken live online before – was incredible”.

Outside of his responsibilities at N0co2, Charles now runs his own online climate group that has valuable international connections which.

The heart of N0co2’s online mission has always been to build a narrative that creates an emotional, human connection. Here at Loving Social Media, we are committed to providing social media services that showcase and transform your business.

With our present and future very much rooted in the online world, Loving Social Media believe that having a visually appealing online presence is the first step in gaining your customers’ trust. You cannot build a business without a brand – and we’re here to help.

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