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Professional optometrists must stay up to date with developments and changes in the eye care industry. Optics is a great mix of Clinical skills and Fashion so its critical that you get the marketing message just right.

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Wood Street is an established, independent Opticians based in the heart of Walthamstow. Since their practice first embarked on its journey over 40 years ago, they have prided themselves on their ability to change with the times. They are one of the oldest, leading practices in Walthamstow and are dedicated to delivering outstanding vision care, eye health and quality customer service.

The Wood Street family believes in building a community that reflects the needs of local living and local people. Their team of expert optometrists and experienced staff strive to create the warmest, most relaxing customer experience possible and want you to feel right at home the moment you walk through their doors.

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How has their business grown since working with us?

Loving Social Media have been working alongside Wood Street Opticians since October 2020.

Since then, Wood Street Opticians have gained huge momentum in their online engagement and customer outreach in a relatively short space of time. Before collaborating with us, Wood Street’s main aims for their online presence were initially improving their SEO – much of which they appreciated the benefits of but lacked in knowledge.

Wood Street’s manager Sharon Flora has expressed that since working alongside us there have been dramatic, positive differences made on their business, including a “huge increase in new enquiries” as a direct result of modernising their social media platforms and improving their SEO.

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She went on to say:

“Loving Social Media took care of everything for us! Whether it was digital marketing, building our website and synching everything together, review advice, content creation or email outreach. Everyone has done their due diligence, and had we not had advice surrounding our reviews, we probably would not have received half as many phone calls.”

In the space of 6 months, we have helped Wood Street transform their online presence and have gained them over 150 positive reviews that are now at the top of Google’s search rankings. With such an achievement under their belt, it also comes as no surprise that a Gucci representative paid them the highest of compliments on their Instagram branding.

“Loving Social Media are an extended part of our team. Everyone does their bit. Whatever my requests were regarding content, they always amend it – no questions asked. They now have a sense of our style and visuals, and I don’t think that any other media company would have delivered what I wanted or been as open-minded.”

Wood Street Opticians have conveyed that they are excited to explore new ventures with us, on and offline, whether it’s in the form of ecommerce, launching a brand-new website, or an online booking system that will increase their bookings by 10-15 %.

With our present and future very much rooted in the online world, Loving Social Media believe that having a visually appealing online presence is the first step in gaining your customers’ trust. You cannot build a business without a brand – and we’re here to help.

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Loving Social media were the first to write a specific book just for opticians on Digital strategy in the world!

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