Case Study-Social Media & Opticians



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With Loving Social Media, Opticians are very special to us. Since we established, we’ve managed Opticians up and down the country, building ourselves a niche to the industry for Social Media Management. Last February, we released a book at 100% Optical, ‘Social Media and Digital Strategy for Opticians’ to help this industry understand the benefits of having an online presence, and how they can be successful online. We’d been writing this book for a few years now, but we didn’t start to get serious about it until about 18 months ago.

It was early December of 2014, and we were scheduled to go to Dubai and talk at the vision-x conference about social media. We didn’t really know what to expect or how Opticians used social media over there, so we came up with the idea to look at everyone surrounding the area the event was in, look at how they were using Social Media and their reply times

case study 1

I’ve removed the original names and instead used numbers.

Out of all these 15, 13 had email addresses, 14 had websites, 9 had Facebook & 6 had Twitter. This wasn’t even the most worrying thing to us. A few weeks before the show, we sent out an email to all of these opticians, asking if we could book ourselves in for an eye test. Not one responded back to us. Not what we were expecting, but it helped us during our keynote speaker session, where we showed the results to all these opticians, and how they are stopping themselves from getting more business by being online. Post-event, we started talks about the book again, say