Lesson 3: Understanding Your Profile – Questions and Answers on How To Reach Out to The Public.

Understanding  Your Profile:

Understanding your profile is highly important. It’s an intricate process, and crucial that we lay the foundations so your business is positioned at the top of Google Search. Do you know the nursery rhyme The Three Little Pigs? Well, this one is the house that is built on concrete rather than straw!

You need your profile to be up to date with everything. What does your profile look like? Does it look professional? Make sure everything is filled in for a start.

Lesson Objectives 3:

In this lesson, you will:

  • You will learn how to Set up your GMB do it once do it well
  • Explore how your information will help to the goal of being Page 1

Here are some steps to take to make sure your Google My Business presence looks the part:

check list


1. Posts

Posts are pretty straightforward. You have the ability and creative freedom to post whatever you want – when you want. You can post promotions, weekly specials, offers, highlight new products, show your bestsellers, events, and include informative posts like top tips and advice.

2. Information

The information section is crucial. This is worth concentrating on. Be meticulous. Make sure to include the exact name of your business. If you don’t label your profile under the correct company name, you could be struck off from Google My Business and be at risk of being blacklisted if it’s against Google’s guidelines.

3. Primary Category

A primary category outlines what kind of business you are. You will be able to choose your sector from a drop-down list. For example, we are an Internet Marketing Service – that’s what we do. There are a wide range of sub-categories up to 9  to choose from and you’re allowed no more than eight subcategories and one main heading.

4. Address

Your address has to be the same as your company’s house or your website. You can either do this by postcode or you can do it by the actual name and that’s where you will be visible to your customers online.

5. Opening hours

Opening hours are pretty straight-forward. They’ll tell your customers what time your business opens and closes, along with any exceptions like Christmas, Easter, and other recognized holidays. Regardless of closing times – if people want to book you, they can book you via Google My Business! It’s really important that you put down the date that your business first opened, because you’ll have the opportunity to showcase the amount of time you’ve been trading for and how established your business is.

6. Maps

Maps layout where your business is located, and you can move the pin accordingly to make it more precise.

7. Share Your Business Profile

Sharing your Business Profile is a useful tool. This can be utilised if you wanted to share your profile with others via Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp. Through one simple click, you can instantly share your business with the world.

Once you have mastered perfecting the information section…

8. Photographs/Videos

Photo options include an overview photograph taken by the business owner, as well as photographs taken by customers if they happen to check-in.

Alternatively, you can also take a 360 photographs of your business. Google generally creates this for you already via Maps, but if you find the photo to be not particularly flattering, you can take one yourself via Google Street View. The app is completely free and is available on iOS and Android.

You can take internal and external videos. Make sure you capture the exterior of your business/shop and include relevant photos of your staff/team at work so you can showcase your business in a positive light. Google loves faces!

Lastly, ensure that you create an effective logo and cover photo – as they will ultimately be the first thing viewers will see.

Ensure that video files are not too large, they cannot exceed 100MB and must last no longer than 30 seconds.




Asking Google Questions

Ask and answer questions

Have you noticed on Amazon that in addition to the product description and customer reviews, there is a section for questions and answers? Google offers the same feature in Google Business Profiles.

Asking Google questions
We recommend that business owners post and answer at least 3 – 5 frequently asked questions on their business profile.

The total number of questions that have been posted to your business listing. This total includes questions that you have seeded.

it is important every question is answered by the business owner. Don’t let others speak on your behalf.



1. Ensure consistency of information and branding

Make sure your information is relevant and up to date. This is something that your customers want and Google expects. This includes minor changes to business hours, prices and menu items along with consistent phone number, website and address. If these details are different on your website and on your GMB, Google is less likely to show your profile.

2. Complete every relevant section

Pull together all of the relevant information you need and fill it out using the GMB interface. This is another step that Google expects.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Remember to take lots of notes for the exam at the end!

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.” – Abraham Lincoln

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