Lesson 5: Sharing Your Reviews Link and Making a QR Code

How To Generate More Reviews

Lesson Objectives 5:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn how to get more Google Reviews

  • Explore how your Reviews will get you more customers

Fact: 86% of consumers are willing to write a review.


When you look after clients, you can make a dramatic difference in the number of new customers you have.

It’s very important to share your review form with your customers so that you can get more five-star reviews. Your Google My Business account needs to show as many reviews as possible and we need to make sure that you are close to five stars because you are the best company out there!

Increasing the number of reviews you get has such a huge impact on where you sit organically in Google Search, and where Google places you in its rankings. The top 3 businesses on a Google Search generally have the most reviews – fact.

How do you get more reviews?

1. Go to your Google My Business Profile Home Page and Click “Get More Reviews”.

Initially, this may not inspire confidence that you will in fact generate more reviews, but it is a very powerful tool that can be shared with others.

2. Share it with others

You will be directed to a link that acts as a shortcut specifically to your business that you can then share and send to your clients and customers. For example, after dealing with a client, you could send them this link via email and encourage them to leave your business a review. This review will then be front and center on your Google My Business Profile.

3. Use a QR Code

What is a QR code?

A QR Code, also known as a Quick Response Code, is a machine-readable bar code that consists of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs and other information that can be read and accessed via smartphone cameras.

If you’re a tradesperson and you typically meet with clients face-to-face in a shop of office, you can create a QR code for this link that will be easily accessible to anyone who sees it. Print off and place pictures of your QR code around your premises with a brief explanation underneath. All customers have to do is point their device’s camera at the code and it will present them with the form which they can then fill out instantly. This has found to be extremely effective for retailers.

You can generate your own code for free with QRCode Monkey.

4 Emphasize to customers how quick and easy it is

So by now, you know how easy it is to leave a Google review, but your customers may not. Plus, review writer’s block is a thing. An exuberant or long-time customer may have a hard time distilling everything they love about your business into one review. And then there are those who have a hard time articulating what’s on their mind. So when you’re encouraging a review, it might be helpful to:

  • Tell them they can leave a star rating without writing anything (if applicable).
  • Remind them that if they do write, the review needs only be one or two sentences.
  • Use terminology like “leave a review” or “drop a quick review” instead of “write a review,” as it might feel less cumbersome.



Our rule is that your business should have 12 reviews every year. The perfect reputation online has a new review every month. AS A MINIMUM, YOU NEED AT LEAST 6 REVIEWS PER YEAR.

Example of how you can use your reviews in an image:


  1. Make sure you have a verified Google Business Profile
  2. Tell customers how to do it
  3. Link out to your profile from your website
  4. Create a short and clean Google review link shortcut
  5. Create a QR code make sure you print it
  6. Include a Google review CTA in your footer
  7. Create “leave us a review” cards
  8. Ask in person Put the QR code in a frame
  9. Emphasize how easy it is
  10. Run a Google review email campaign
  11. Include review opportunities in surveys
  12. Ask your social media followers to review your business
  13. Request reviews via social media posts
  14. Include your review link in your email signature
  15. 100% Respond to existing reviews with Keys words
  16. Create an explainer video


Send an email to customers after they purchase (or use your service) and politely ask them to leave a review on your GMB page, sharing your short link. Ask long-standing customers personally. You will be surprised at how effective this is when you reach out to them on a personal level and make the request.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the video, and make sure to take lots of notes as there will be an exam at the end!


“There is little success where there is little laughter.” Winston Churchill


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