Lesson 6: COVID:19 Update

Guidance for Businesses affected by COVID-19

Lesson Objectives 6:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn how to create a GMB Coivid Update

  • Explore the Benefits of using Google My Business Covid 19 Update


The dreaded COVID-19 update is one that cannot be ignored!

Coronavirus (COVID‑19) remains a serious threat across the country and indeed the world.

Coiid GMB

In many cases, your GMB pages are going to be the primary way that your customer seeks any updates or vital information regarding your business out. Nobody wants to trek all the way out these days only to turn up to a closed store or restaurant, right?

If your business has been affected by COVID-19, confirm whether it is open, temporarily closed, or permanently closed. It is important to consider what steps you are taking as a business to ensure you, your staff, and your customers will be safe moving forward, and to update your customers as frequently as possible.

Including a disclaimer on your profile outlining these steps or any changes to the day-to-day functioning of your business such as masks, temperature checks and other safety measures, along with opening hours and services is crucial in keeping your customers up to speed. Mark posts with a COVID:19 tag to make them extra clear to those who may be reading.

Check and edit your business information!

If your business is affected by COVID-19, update your Google My Business profile to provide the most accurate information to your customers. You can provide updates about your business to customers such as:

  • Your adjusted hours of operation, for instance, if you close early.
  • Add ‘More hours’ that describe other business operations such as delivery, takeaway, and drive-through.
  • Select an attribute to show that you offer online services such as classes, appointments, or estimates.
  • Delays on specific business services.
  • Extra services that you’re providing for the community.
  • If your business is ‘Temporarily closed’.

The updates will show on your Business Profile on Google Search and Maps.

Important: Google may review your changes for quality before they publish them, and COVID:19 Updates will typically only last around a month. For health-care providers, if you offer telemedicine or drive-thru coronavirus testing, you can now also include that in your GMB listing.


“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Andrew Carnegie

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