Lesson 8: Add a CTA Update Button

Creating An Offer or Promotion on Google My Business

Lesson Objectives 8:

In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn the 4 reasons why and how to add a button on your GMB

  • Explore the Benefits a Omni channel approach

Reasons why you should include social media share buttons on your GMB:

  • Improve Customer Experience. Part of having an effective GMB is providing a good experience for your visitors.
  • Omni channel approach
  • Improve Ease to get the next link.
  • Influence SEO Benefits.

One of the greatest benefits of online advertising via Google My Business is its cost-effectiveness. Unlike other conventional methods, you don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to promote your products and services, you can simply add an online offer that will be right at your customers’ fingertips!

From discounts to deals, everyone loves a good offer. Offers can attract people to businesses. To help people find these promotions, offers have become far more prominent on GMB profiles. The new layout Google has designed introduces a dedicated space for business owners to feature their most recent offers— making a quick decision for their potential customers even easier.

How to create a promotion:

For businesses, adding an offer is super easy. When creating a post in the Google My Business App, you’ll see an option to categorize it as an offer. From there, you can tailor all of the details to your specific needs. An offer can include a description of the promotion, a coupon code or any terms and conditions that are useful and appealing to your audience. Products always feature high on Google, so adding an offer is a no-brainer!

1. Create Post

First of all, go to Google My Business directly and select your business on your profile and click Create Post. You can then create your post and upload an image of your choice, perhaps one that you have already created, that will advertise your offer. To create high-quality promotional images and content, we recommend using Canva.

2. Create a Title

E.g. “one-off payment”, or “early bird discount”.

3. Publish

Before you press publish, make sure that you include some of the offer’s main details and what it entails. For example, if the offer is only available for a short period of time, be sure to mention the start and end date of when the offer is valid. You can include up to 600 words.


Offers and promotional posts have a habit of disappearing after a couple of weeks, so make sure you continue to update any ongoing offers accordingly via your profile.

It is truly one of the most underused things on Google My Business. A classic marketing tactic that never fails and always turns viewers into instant customers!

I hope you enjoyed the video and make sure to take lots of notes as there will be an exam at the end!

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