Garry and Lucy, I just thought I would write to you all to let you know how I am getting on after attending your recent Social Media Master Class:

    • Well my first action was to upgrade to a ‘smartphone’. People are no longer laughing at me now and I can post comments on Facebook and Tweet whilst on the move.    
    • A further step I took was to join some forums relating to my particular industry. I have registered on websites to receive newsletters. I am following craft websites on Twitter, and in return, they are following me and more than that, their followers are following me. I have LIKED Facebook pages and have gained new contacts from these as well. Just by sitting next to Michael at a recent meeting, I have learned to ‘check-in’ and when I do this, I gain attention from the business community.
    • Next I have decided to review and overhaul my website thinking of keywords and incorporating social media within this.
    • What has been absolutely astounding is the business I have generated following your Loving Social Media Master Class. All I did was spend a couple of minutes to simply register my details on an events website, added details of an event that a colleague is organizing and from that, I was able to pass on 10 genuine business opportunities to my colleague – and the enquiries are still coming in!


  • You guys are so unselfish with your support, hints, snippets and tips – and it is all on-going – I seem to be learning something new and useful every day!
  • Thank you for all of the above.


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