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Social media London  club house vers Twitter spaces

Facebook Blueprint accredited trainer, entrepreneur and all-around social media expert Garry Kousoulou will be sharing her exclusive tips to help your business shine on Instagram during 2021.
From getting to know the different features, including Stories and Reels, Twitter spaces clubhouse to learning how to provide added value to your audience through your feed and making the most of Instagram Shops, Garry and the team will walk you through how to make Instagram success for your business.
Have you finalized your marketing plans for this year, Garry?

Do you need to recover lost sales from 2021?

Want to improve your reach and engagement on Facebook and Instagram?

We can help.

We’ve recruited 8 organic and paid marketing experts to help you next-level your results with Instagram and Facebook.

You’ll participate in many in-depth, live 2-hour marketing workshops.

Picture yourself taking pages of notes and soaking in the wisdom that could truly alter your trajectory.

When you get trained in the proven techniques of other marketers, you’ll stop wasting time experimenting and focus on what really works.

As those results start coming in, you’ll be hailed as a superstar at your company or among your clients.

And when that happens, you increase your confidence and secure your future.

This becomes a reality when you join the Social Media Marketing Workshops.


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