Digital Goals in 2023

Digital Goals in 2023

What are some of your goals this year for social media and digital marketing?

Here is from one of our workshops students:

“I have been studying marketing for the last two years and I also wanted to do a placement in the firm. My goal was to get placement in a marketing firm before I get into my second year of university. I did countless applications online but didn’t receive a response, I recently connected with Garry Kousoulou about a social media internship and he recommended to come to his Loving Social Media enterprises workshop in Enfield because I express my interest in digital marketing and the power of social media.”

“When I arrived at the workshop Garry and Thegz started with an ice breaker for everyone to introduce themselves and the industry they are in, However, everyone shared the same reason for attending the workshop to learn how effective the use of social media is to gain exposure. I have personal accounts on the different platforms on social media, however, I have never understood the uses of using it for business.”

“Garry and Thegz explain the power of social media in the simplest and most creative way for everyone to understand the concept of how to use social media, especially with Twitter and Facebook, I have gained knowledge of the following concepts Benefits of the platform, digital landscape and How to build a website, I understand the use of when to post an image or video on the different platform and what effect it will have when targeting my followers. Garry and Thegz gave me the chance to shoot a video and edited it, giving me full creative control.”

“Garry has given me the chance to invest in myself, by inviting me to his workshop and giving me a trial in his social media internship, Garry has allowed me to execute my goal, to work in a marketing firm, and the help of Thegz will allow me to further my knowledge. I highly recommend anyone who wants to learn about social media to please attend this workshop, because if you don’t then you’re truly missing out.”


Our 2023 Digital Goals and Predictions:

1. Hybrid Events As The “New Normal”

The pandemic left a mark on almost every industry. And even though businesses are finally opening up, the chances are good that we won’t ever go back to normal as we knew it.

I believe the way we work, socialize, buy and live has evolved for good.

2. The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been prevalent in the digital marketing sector for quite some time now. But in the upcoming year, I believe companies will integrate AI-powered features in their SEO, SMM and other digital marketing strategies.

3. Content

Search engines like Google have continued to prioritize quality content. Firms that focus on improving the user experience by using clear, attractive, engaging and informative content could improve their rankings, leads and conversions.

I believe the coming year will also see businesses optimize their pages for voice searches. According to 2018 Google data, 52% of voice-activated speaker owners would like to receive information about deals, promotions and sales; 39% would like to receive business information like store hours.

4. The Domination Of Digital

Using video content in digital marketing campaigns can yield fruitful results, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Video content is visually appealing and offers a convenient way for customers to get educated about a product or service. This means that video marketing can be an effective way to create engaging, attractive and informative content for customers.

You can include informational videos, product demonstrations, customer reviews and behind-the-scenes videos of your business processes in future digital marketing strategies.

5. Nonprofits As Business Opportunities

The global pandemic has brought changes in more areas than one. I believe Covid-19 has instilled a sense of the importance of community and environmental values in customers.

Staying updated with online marketing trends is cardinal for small and large enterprises. Companies should adapt to the changes in the digital realm to remain relevant, discernible and popular in their target markets.

For the most part, I predict that prevalent brands will adopt a customer- and environment-centric approach by promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices that prioritize community values in the coming year. That said, firms should also focus on refining their user experience by improving their content plan, creating video content and integrating AI-powered technology into their operations.


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