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We are the only Social Media Company in London who were the finalist for the Just IT Apprenticeship Awards 2016! As a former employee at Just IT, I nominated Loving Social Media for employers of the year. So Friday afternoon, Garry and I started our journey to Central London.

We arrived there just as the event was starting, and managed to quickly get some drinks and do a Facebook live stream before the event started. We briefly had time to talk with some of the competitors about the event, and what awards they were up for and got them into our stream! The CEO of Just I.T., Simon Perriton kicked off the event and introduced us to two speakers, one of whom was a former apprentice at Just I.T. who had gone on to become an entrepreneur and started his own business called WeGym.

After the two guest speakers, it was now time for the announcement of the individual awards! Unfortunately, I didn’t submit my application for Social Media for Business or the Apprentice of the Year award in time, but nevertheless, I was still going to enjoy myself at the awards. Here are all the winners of the awards

Winner of Best Development Apprentice  – Wayne Donaghy from TPG Design

Winner of Best Social Media for Business Apprentice – Alima Khutan from Tower Hamlets

Winner of Best I.T Networking & Support Apprentice – Javier Damas from Herbert Smith Freehills

Winner of CompTIA Award – Aisha Kareem from T Rowe Price

Now it was time. We knew it was coming, and our nerves started to kick in. It didn’t help us the format in which they announced it – 3rd Place, 2nd Place, 1st. We ended up second, which is not that bad. The winners had multiple apprentices who had nominated them, so It seemed like they were destined to win, but I’m still happy with the result.


Where are you looking, Garry? 1st, 2nd & 3rd place for Employers of The Year

I’m not quite sure Garry knows where the camera is in this picture! Congratulations to on winning Employer of The Year, but next time we’ll be the winners, and be the first Social Media Company in London to win the award. This blog would have looked much better and I would have felt better writing ‘Just IT Employer of The Year Winners’ rather than ‘Just I.T Employer of The Year Finalists’, but we just have to move on and look forward.

Thanks to Just I.T. for hosting Loving Social Media, we look forward to your next awards!

Here’s a bonus post-awards ceremony video!


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