Has social power Enfiled

Can riots happen again with communication through social 2020?

7th August a riot came to Enfield town the word spread through social media, many twitters. The police are much more clued up now, can this happen again?

We see the power of Hong Kong riots Protesters have been using Telegram, an optionally end-to-end encrypted messaging service, to communicate to conceal identities and try to prevent tracking by the Chinese government and Hong Kong Police Force.

Extinction Rebellion planned its eye-catching London protests use whatsapp


Riots had been organized and crowed fueled by the social media revolution BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook, twitter. Commutation in 2020 has changed. 8 years on everybody is much more aware of how to use social and how powerful it can be from trump sending messages on twitter to A-listers on Instagram.

OI think now authority is far more ahead of the game, Hard to believe the riots were actually trending on twitter and the police had the heads up!

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Social media updates New Chapter in social media lets use it for good.

Use of the internet to mobilise scattered individuals = TROUBLE?

Twitter users could face arrest for inciting violence  – says Scotland Yard RT @itv_news  London seo
 Please like this page on Facebook! Bring in the army to deal with the #LondonRiots!!!


Car on Fire Tottenham riot. A chapter in the history of social media ends up on my doorstep. What has happened in London with the riots has been fueled by the social media revolution BlackBerry Messenger being key . Around 3.00pm on Saturday, a small group of people walked from a broad water farm to the middle of Tottenham looking for answers from the police. This is where the story starts, the trip was advertised via twitter Facebook and mobile commutation A march in the Tottenham area of north London to protest the shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in a police operation to control firearms two days earlier turned violent late Saturday. Buildings were looted and torched, 26 police and three civilians were injured, and 55 arrests were made. Several families were left homeless. Did twitter do this?

The craziness still on until the morning this is when I thought I would go and have a look.

More tweets than I can keep up with

If people riot this bad coz of police brutality, what will they do amid total economic breakdown?

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