Facebook unveils ‘Graph Search’ classic post

Facebook unveils ‘Graph Search’ classic post

Zuckerberg rivals Google‘s domination of web search-Loving Social Media!

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Facebook will introduce an improved search feature called ‘Graph Search’ in the near future.

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In a conference yesterday evening, the website’s founder Mark Zuckerberg described the innovation as its “third pillar”; standing alongside the Timeline and News Feed as fundamental Facebook elements. This seems a natural transition for the social media giant, which has already evolved to include online shops, Facebook groups, and online communication features which rival the likes of Whatsapp. Facebook, which also owns Instagram, has the threat to become a serious player in the online search game. This is assuming it is successful in taking some of Google’s market share.

What does Graph search do?

Graph Search allows Facebook users to search for all content that has been shared with them on Facebook. This makes it much easier for them to manage social media relationships. Moreover, it will also respond to complex queries such as ‘friends who like badminton’ or ‘friends who live in London’. This advanced multi-keyword ability shows that Facebook is taking this project very seriously.

If the new technology fails to come up with a suitable recommendation, it will utilize Bing’s search engine software to present results from around the web.

However, Zuckerberg was keen to point out that the feature was not designed to rival Google’s domination of web search.

According to bbc.co.uk, he explained: “That isn’t the intent, but in the event, you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s really nice to have this. We’re not indexing the web. We’re indexing our map of the graph. The graph is really big and it’s constantly changing.”

The rollout of Graph Search will be slow; which is in line with most Facebook features. This And Mashable.com reports that some users will have a chance to sample the new feature today.

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