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Garry and I had a bit of fun this afternoon, we decided to check out the two new video call options which had been launched pretty much in tandem this week.As you no doubt gave heard Facebook has bought Skype, so as off this week you can now install a video option, so when your friends are on line you can hit a video camera icon and be talking to them via their webcam.  I think this is a splendid idea.. Garry and I tested this out this afternoon, but we did find that it doesn’t always show that option at the moment and also, there was a bit of a lag? we are sure this will improve with time.

Next up we gave the whatsapp  hangout a try, this it would appear is the superior of the two options, for one thing you can talk to more people at one time, someone has even posted that it is a great way of putting a webinar together and of course its free, the quality of the picture was much clearer, it was a bit of a challenge figuring out how to actually get invitations on it, as you have to be invited by someone to ‘hangout’ with them, but Garry was telling me this is a good feature as you can be more choosy about whom you are talking to.

So great new iniciatives in the social media world.  We will be putting together some videos to

Facebook Video Call

show you guys how to access them yourselves.


have fun out there! need a done for you solution?

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