Facebook vs LinkedIn in 2022 Don’t forget Twitter and Instagram

Facebook vs LinkedIn?

Do you need a Strategy for Higher Return in 2022 6 easy Tips


What an interesting debate Facebook versus LinkedIn, which one will bring their best return?

Anybody that knows what they’re talking about will tell you that LinkedIn is for business 2 business. Facebook Instagram Twitter all fall into the category of business to consumer.

People are not there to learn about business but are there to have fun. There’s a saying that says when the market comes everybody else leaves.

Marketing to people that just want to have fun and do not want to be sold to is exactly why we should appreciate each platform for its own strengths. LinkedIn is very definitely a business-orientated platform with a mature audience not visiting the platform as many times as the others reason being the others are far more playful and fun.

Twitter is driven by words, Instagram is driven by pictures but more and more video lead and Facebook is the largest and most established and has different aspects and layers. Facebook strategy for your personal page is very different to groups and business pages.

Instagram done for youtwitter done for youLinkedIn done for youWhat is your view on the return on investment in time and energy? Who will BECOME THE NEW KING FOR content, helping BUSINESSES carry your message?

Who will be the queen of organic traffic and engagement?

Please watch the video and we would love your feedback.

The question is : Which one of these great social media platforms performance. UGC. It’s an undeniable fact that Facebook has dominated the last decade will Linkedin take the crown this year?

Remembering to be consistent that doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s really important not only for the algorithms but for your audience to know that you don’t just flit in and out once a week that you are consistent with three posts a day or three post a Week. /it doesn’t really matter what time or day that you do it it just that consistency will reward you for your hard work.

having engaging posts is just as critical if it’s just about content you will never go viral and it will never leave your circle of influence

The question is a very difficult one to answer really needs experimentation for months now the social media and search engine optimization community have been discussing how LinkedIn carries way more organic traffic than Facebook. Of course, it depends on so many factors on your social implements on what time you pull out your message the content the algorithms user-generated content and whether or not you’ve inspired your audience to get involved.

I have some tips for you the I can absolutely be sure of
No1 tip is to make your content Omnichannel a video can be put on Facebook YouTube LinkedIn you can blog about it as I am now

No2. don’t be afraid to back your content with some spending

No.3 always keep your content authentic and engage with people if they do happen to make a comment – widen your reach

No.4 building an audience is a difficult part and they have to have some kind of connection with you and you need to add value always add value before you ask as Gary Vaynerchuk says jab jab jab then right hook

No5 Work out your strategy to find your step by step process for connecting with your ideal clients, prospecting via direct message, and closing business without being all being authentic.  Share your content and engage

No6  experiment with new ideas  use twitter to listen in


But over the last year or so, the landscape has been changing.

– A post on a Facebook page gets almost zero engagement.

– The cost of running paid ads is going up and up.

– And there’s more ‘noise’ than ever before. What is to be done?

By the way, if you use LinkedIn or Facebook at all, and would like to use its power to increase business give us a call.

Garry Kousoulou described as a Business Supremo

The best way to always The best way of promoting your content is to avoid standard recommendations. Find something completely different. I usually search for topics with a lack of quality content online. Then create content there ) I pay attention with social media promotion in order to create brand awareness. . If you don’t wait for the quick results. Just continue working hard and smart and giving value

use social media in an engaging way


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