Work Experience In A Social Media Agency

Work Experience In A Social Media Agency

Day 1: My first day was on the 27/06/19 I was welcomed warmly by the office staff and instantly attended to by Garry who was as eager as me to start my first day! We went through what I should be expecting to complete throughout the day which successfully engaged me in the enjoyable experience ahead, full of advice and insights. I started off the morning creating templates for a “365 Day Diet Plan.”I kept to the colour scheme and successfully executed this task

This was for Expert Diet Advice The templates are shown below.

Next, I helped to improve GNB primo ltd.’s Social media (Instagram,Facebook,Twitter) by improving following and like stats, helping reach explore etc.

I watched videos on Nigel Botterill’s entrepreneurial succes videos. then i proceeded by completing graphics designs templates and posters like the ones shown below:

I also helped to post and boost various social media accounts such as Loving social media, Gbn Primo and many more! I also got to help improve a Businesses GMB (Google my business) ratings aswell as upload my self made, new cover photo

These are most of the designs and graphics I have created this week:

I also travelled to St. Andrews School to assist in a motivational/life talk and help insight the students, Later we travelled to Enfield to attend a meeting with one of our clients. Aswell as this we have had various office group meetings with over 4-5 clients discussing expectations, deals, time planning etc.

I have also spent time on Going through the back of a website using wordpress and editing SEO meta descriptions,tags and text aswell as even creating this blog!