Will social social media work for me?

In 2021, there are currently 4.48 billion people actively using social media in the world, and this is an increase of 13.13% year-on-year from 3.69 billion in 2020. Back in 2015, there were only 2.07 billion users – that’s an overall increase in users of 115.59% in just six years.

So, if you thought that social media won’t have a positive impact on your business – think again. Its just about using the correct platform for the audience you need

What is the difference between Social Media and SEO?

While social media allows people to discover new content or brands that they or their friends might be interested in, SEO allows you to gain traffic from people who are searching questions or phrases related to your business. Leveraging both can help you gain traffic from a variety of different sources.

  • social media you go out looking for the customer
  • search engine optimization they find you
  • we provide the perfect mix
What Packages do we offer?

We offer 4 different Packages to your liking.


Sprinkle Package – ideal we just getting started

  • New Business
  • 1 x Per week
  • 2 x Social Platforms
  • Checks and Optimisation
  • Monthly Update
  • 1 Meeting per month
  • Google My Business – Managed / Posted 1 x Per Week
  • Email (Respond within 24 hours)
  • £ 165 + VAT / month


Ripple Package you need more phone calls you need more inquiries plus more of our time giving you consultancy

  • Business Under the VAT Threshold
  • 2 x Post Per Week
  • 3 x Social Platforms
  • SEO – Keyword research + basic optimisation
  • Monthly Report
  • Boosting of Social Posts
  • Business Acquistion – Outreach out to 3 prospects per week
  • 1 Meeting per month
  • Google My Business – Managed / Posted 1 x Per Week
  • Engagement and algorithm work
  • Email (Respond within 24 hours)
  • £ 350 +VAT / month


Splash Package  we’re heading for the million pound turnover and you seriously want to take your digital marketing to a whole different level. Your competition will concerned!

  • Business Over the VAT Threshold
  • 1 x Per Quarter
  • 3 x Posts Per Week
  • 4 x Social Platorms
  • SEO – Advanced Strategy and implementation
  • Weekly update Monday/Friday – Monthly Report
  • Boosting of Social Posts
  • Business Acquisition – Outreach out to 10 prospects per week
  • 1 Meeting per week
  • Google My Business Managed / Posted 1 x Per Week
  • Engagement and algorithm work
  • WhatsApp & Email (Within 90mins)
  • 1 x Per Month
  • £ 600 + VAT / month


Tidal Bespoke Package

  • 6 Figure Business
  • 2 x Per Quarter
  • 5 x Posts Per Week
  • 5 x Social Platforms
  • SEO – Strategy, UX / Digital PR
  • Weekly update Monday/Friday – Monthly Report
  • Paid Ads
  • Business Acquisition – Outreach to 25 prospects per week
  • 1 Meeting per week
  • Google My Business Managed / Posted 1 x Per Week
  • Engagement and algorithm work
  • 1 x Per Month
  • WhatsApp & Email (Within 60mins)
  • 3 x Per Month
  • From  £ 1000 /  month
What does a Social Media Manager do?

Social media managers are responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for a business’s social media sites. This might include blogging, creating social media profiles, managing regular posts, and responding to followers. We take the headache away for business owners who want their profiles handled for them.

Why is social media Important for Business Marketing?

Let’s start with one simple fact: your business needs a social media presence.

It doesn’t matter if you run a small local shop or a big national company. Social media is more than just a trend. It is an essential piece of your business marketing strategy.

But by itself, social media is not enough to drive business growth. Social platforms can help you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, and boost your leads and sales. But you need to start with an always-on mindset and a solid content marketing strategy – that’s where we come in!

  • Social media is an effective way to reach new audiences with engaging content
  • Social engagement helps you build trust, authority and also to show your brand personality
  • You need a solid plan for engaging content to distribute via social media

We’ll create for you your very own 90 day plan and piece together a plan moving forward on what you want for the future for your business – we’re always looking at the bigger picture!

What Social Media Platform has the highest engagement?

Facebook remains the goliath of social media, leading all social networks with 81 per cent

What is the purpose of SEO?

Instead of going to customers, SEO allows customers to quickly come to you. Both on and off-page SEO strategies are designed to target specific segments of your audience and inspire them to act. Proper management of SEO helps your small business make meaningful connections with customers, and ultimately make sales along the way.

How long does SEO take to work?

The short answer is, successful SEO can take at least 6 months. Generally speaking, you will see results on your website within 4-6 months. You’ll know if SEO is working if you have an increase in impressions, traffic from Organic Searches, Number of Pages Ranking, Number of Backlinks, Domain and Page Authority, Brand Mentions, Conversions and much more.

However, there are many factors that can affect the speed of your SEO’s success. One of them is known as the Confidence Curve. You must also take into consideration how long your business has been established and your audience. If you have an audience of 0 compared to a business that might have an audience of a million, then naturally you will have a bit of a slower start.

But don’t be discouraged! 

Which is the best platform for my business?

According to recent statistics, Instagram remains the best social media platform for businesses in 2021.

However, this can differ entirely depending on your target audience!

Young generations tend to favour TikTok and Instagram, whereas older generations tend to stay on Facebook. Figure out your target audience and go from there – we’ll take care of the rest!

How many times do you need to post content online?

Getting my social media done for me

It depends on the platform. Some platforms require a lot of consistency, whereas others may not so much. For example, one successful, viral video on TikTok or YouTube is enough to grant with your long-term recognition, whereas Instagram requires far more attention and frequent, consistent posting of a certain style and aesthetic in order for your following to grow

How do you create content for your busines

We will get to know you and your business on a much deeper level and really try to understand what it is that you want for your brand image. In your first 3 months with us, we will follow a 90-day plan for your business’ branding and social media and see how the content takes shape and how your audience engages with it. We will tailor your content to your audience based on algorithms, trends, and what’s relevant and exciting for your business and your customers.

The content that we create for you ranges from graphics, interviewing people in your company or your clients in the form of videos and podcasts, blogging, website development and much more!

Does Social Media have any limits?

 It may be surprising to the average user, but content doesn’t always last very long on social media. Sure, it stays uploaded, but it may become unnoticed after as little as 3 seconds. For example, the average tweet has a lifespan of 3 seconds. After that, some users may scroll past or not see it all, depending on what the tweet is, what hashtags are used and what its relevance is.

There also limits on Instagram. IG lives also have a lifespan, many of which only last 4 hours. You can upload up to 100 stories per day with a length of 60 seconds, a reel length of 60 seconds, and combined actions of liking, tagging, and commenting of 500 times a day. After that, Instagram shuts you out. That’s why it’s so important to let us take the reins on what actions can be done effectively on your socials – timing and consistency is everything!

Let Us Solve All Your Social and Digital Needs.