Garry K interviews his hero Gary Vaynerchuk #vaynerworld

Garry K interviews his hero Gary Vaynerchuk


He is an entrepreneur, social media influencer, speaker, author, and investor. He started in his father’s liquor store business, but his goal is worldwide domination–and buying the New York Jets.

Discover how Gary has sustained his online visibility for more than a decade and which platforms he’s paying attention to right now. You’ll also learn how to develop engaging content for today’s social media platforms including TikTok.

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Gary is the modern-day genius. His current focus is Vaynermedia, a digital ad agency with large brands such as Pepsi and General Electric as clients.

There’s an interesting factoid you’ll learn in this episode. Guess who’s Facebook stock he bought?

If you’re interested in social media, entrepreneurship, communication, and kicking butt, this is the episode of Remarkable People for you.


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Garry Kousoulou into social media

How to market yourself in a digital

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