Garry Kousoulou talks Analytics

Garry kousoulou  talks us through the importance of Analytics

Get more out of Google Analytics in 2022

if you’re watching this because you want to learn more about social media you’ve come to the right place I’ve been spending the morning with my social media apprentice pegler and we’ve had some really interesting conversation we’ve looked at the analytics of some of our clients and the analytics tell you if you’re not aware of that they tell you why people coming to a certain website interestingly one of the clients who is B to C that means business to client something like 17 to 19 people came from Twitter they spent how long did they spend eight minutes 9 minutes from from the Twitter account on to the website really interesting so then we thought okay let’s take this a step further on the analytics you can press the individual tweet that made that happen now we were expecting the 19 to be lots of different tweets but 18 18 individual unique users came to the site because of one particular tweet so all month we worked really hard tweeting away and only one tweet had the magic magic spell to it it makes a lot of sense to know what’s working and what doesn’t the phone rings for me and people say I found you from Facebook or


Twitter or LinkedIn but I don’t specifically know in particular what that but what that could be which which tweet which post which connection made that person come to my website and fun analytics is absolutely essential now most social media managers I don’t criticize anyone do not look at analytics loving social media really analyze your analytics so we can understand what’s effective so you can get your return on investment so we’re out there and you want to do this yourself than great do tweets through Facebook do linkedin do Pinterest definitely blog but have a look at your analytics and see what are the organic traffic’s coming from how long this thing what the bounce rate is if you’re not sure what any of that means don’t gone to youtube and find out or come on one of our courses 7th of November is the next course if you want to understand a little bit more about what how social media can improve your business come it’s the new economy if you’re a small business this is exciting because you can dominate Google

importance of Analytics both on google and Facebook you need to measure. Marketing when you become an

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Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.

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Google shows that those who are most digitally mature have navigated the changes with resilience. The study reveals that digitally mature advertisers are 2X more likely to grow their market share over a 12-month period while outperforming less advanced peers in both revenue and cost efficiencies.”

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