Get Your Business On The Map This Christmas

Get Your Business On The Map This Christmas


Christmas is in the air, and the big day is fast approaching. If you are thinking that the holiday season would be a good time to give social media a rest, then think again.

The tree is lit, the gifts are wrapped, and the table is set – what could possibly be missing?

Do you have a small business that you want to thrive this Christmas? We’ve included 10 Top Tips on how to get your social media presence up to scratch before the big day hits!


1. Update Your Information

You may be wondering what more you have to update, but by checking and updating your information to ensure its relevant and up to speed with the latest aspects of your business, your customers will be in the know – and they won’t be left in the dark!

Information includes your services on your site, opening hours and links on socials such as Instagram and Facebook. A top priority is updating your working hours so that clients know when you will be closed for Christmas well in advance, of if there are any changes to opening and closing times. It is not unreasonable for a social media manager to take time off at Christmas, and your invoice may not need to change to reflect this time out depending on the circumstances and the business you are working with. Overall, you’ll want to update any changes to hours and availability on your site and Google My Business Page.


2. Schedule Content

Start preparing now. Between November & January, there are numerous holidays and promotional days that your clients may be planning to participate in. Christmas Jumper Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve and many more in between.

Scheduling Content is the key to getting ahead for the holidays. Aim to have all of your December Content created at the very least by mid to late November so you can sit back and relax and enjoy what is to come.

3. Know Your Hashtags

It’s important to Christmas Hashtags so you can reach a wider audience and interact with similar brands who want to support spreading the same message as you. Use general hashtags that are light-hearted and Christmas-related such as #MerryChristmas, #TisTheSeason and #HappyHolidays, but also try to use more niche ones that are related to your business. For example, if you own a bakery, you might want to include hashtags such as #ChristmasCookies. You get the gist!


4. Christmas Offers/Competition

Competitions and Offers are a fun way to get your customers involved with new products is by offering a Black Friday/Christmas Deal or festive competition across your social media platforms.

Take every opportunity to entice potential customers with limited time offers. One time only, buy one get one free, special discounts and holiday coupons are all great for last minute purchases. One of the most popular shopping days is December 18th – otherwise known as the day businesses offer free shipping and guaranteed delivery before Christmas Eve!


5. Secret Santa

Hosting Secret Santa is a great way to bring your employees and customers together. Documenting online with photos of gifts, surprises and team pictures and activities is a great way to build that relationship and trust. Not only is it entertaining, it’s also relatable and buys into the human element that so many consumers desperately crave from businesses. or relatability. You could even collaborate with other local or relevant businesses in your community!


6. Christmas Community

To increase your user engagement, you need to encourage interactions with others. One way of doing this is by getting your customers involved in an interactive email campaign and fill their inboxes with festive surprises. Spread your business’ news and updates in local and relevant Facebook groups.


7. Go Live!

Whether you work in an office, restaurant, store, or you are purely remote and work from home, there are tonnes of ways you as an individual can be interactive with your customers. If your employees feel comfortable enough, try and get all of your team involved so your customers and clients can put a face to a name!

You can go live and create polls, Q&As and run contests – particularly on Instagram. Why not create your very own Virtual Christmas “Pub Quiz”?! Instagram has several features that allow you develop a personal connection with your followers.


8. Spread Some Festive Cheer

Christmas Content should not solely be restricted to your page. Think of the bigger picture. Do you want to reach new customers? What products do you want to target to your audience? Deck The Halls and put your social media decorations up by creating and uploading visually appealing posts!


9. Send Out Your Christmas Cards

Both on and offline, it’s crucial that you make sure you reach out to your customers in traditional Christmas fashion – whether it be through email marketing, DMs on Instagram, dropping them a message on Facebook or simply greeting them with a Christmas message when they reach the landing page on your website – try to make the atmosphere as festive and positive as possible, and your customers will want to keep coming back!


10. Have Fun!

Don’t overthink, have fun with it – and last but not least – don’t forget to plan for January! Your customers will appreciate a little New Year TLC to help them get over their January Blues, and we have faith that you will!


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