Enthusiastic marketing intern to join our marketing department and provide creative ideas to help achieve our goals. Call loving social media to a perfect start to your career

We are looking for an amazing person in return for helping us achieve our goals for our customers we will help you achieve yours

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Garry Kousoulou described as a Business Supremo

you will be responsible for both inbound and outbound marketing, including account-based marketing, to grow their UK sales pipeline. You will create and orchestrate multi-channel account-based marketing programs that grow the sales pipeline and accelerate the sales cycle.

Loving all things digital

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List of activity you are going to learn

Web design – Search is usually where things start

On page SEO – How do you get all the pages to page 1 of the search engines

Off page SEO – How to bring in strong links from genuine websites with authority.

Google My Business – The best tool to get found locally on the web

Twitter – The best way to listen to social media heartbeat. Using commercially  is totally different from just having fun

Facebook – Personal pages – business pages,  targeted adverts, groups how to use this platform for business

Web hosting – The home of the web site

Email marketing – The best return on investment

You get the idea. You will learn, we invest in you so you can grow.

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