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Work Experience Testimonial

Hear from one of our work experience students Orinthia Tyrell:

“Before starting work experience here, I was initially having mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness, the fear of the unknown and excitement about the things I’d be doing and meeting new people. It has been a great opportunity so far as I have been an unemployed graduate now for about a year  and it is really helping me get back into the rising up early and getting into the working mindset again.”

“My first day was rather daunting at first which is only natural, as it was a new environment that I had to settle into and get used to. Garry (The boss) was really friendly which really helped my nerves, plus having seen him at my interview beforehand helped as he was a familiar face. He showed me where I would spend most of my time working and then set me a task to do which was to create a channel art for the Goodlooking optics YouTube channel, this helped wake up my brain which was half asleep. This task really helped me get thinking and using my creativity again as prior to work experience I hadn’t been drawing for quite a while and doing this is helping me get back into drawing and being creative. I met my manager Thegz for a second time as I had briefly met her at my interview. I learnt quite a few new things from her about social media.  One of the things I learned was about how to set schedules on Facebook page posts which I found very interesting and useful to use when keeping my own pages updated.”

“I also learnt how the company Loving Social Media helps their clients run their social media websites. It was a learning curve and she also gave me a few things to do. After my first day, I felt quite overwhelmed and my feelings were so jumbled up in my mind I wasn’t quite sure how well my first day had went or whether I felt good about it or not. It wasn’t a great feeling but I put it down to me not being used to doing a long stretch at work for a while and it was a shock to the system.”

At the start of my second day, my mood wasn’t at its best as I had spent most of the night awake and it was wet and miserable outside. I tried not to let this affect my work, however; as this is an amazing opportunity that I have been given that many others haven’t, I couldn’t afford to get sloppy with my work. Garry’s enthusiasm soon rubbed off on me and I was being creative again while creating a Valentine’s themed Facebook cover photo for Goodlooking Optics.”

“Before lunchtime, I had my free eye test which further lightened my mood and left me feeling happier and more optimistic the staff here are nice and friendly which is great as I tend to get very anxious in new environments. I had help picking out some new glasses which was fun, trying on some glasses I knew would look hideous on me and then laughing at the sight of my reflection. I tend to be very picky with choosing new glasses. After narrowing it down to two which were typical “Purple frames” (purple is my favourite colour) and “Pink and black ones!” to my own surprise I chose the pink and black ones, I haven’t worn glasses with pink in since I was like 6 years old. After my second day, I felt a lot better than I did after my first day, I felt more settled in and more optimistic about my possible future here.”

“Day three was a much shorter day as situations had risen. But I still had a positive working day and got some tasks finished after the short day I had I felt that I had gotten used to this “not so new anymore environment” and the people that I work here with.”

“Thinking back on my first week here it was truly an emotional roller coaster ride for me, as I was starting work in an unfamiliar environment with new people, which is always scary. It has been a really good and beneficial experience for me so far as I am using the skills that I’ve worked so hard to develop. I’m learning new things, which is always a bonus for me and I’m growing more as a person and meeting new people. I’m excited to get involved in more projects as my work experience continues!”


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