Instagram Followers – Social Media Managers in London

Instagram Followers – Social Media Managers in London

How To Gain Instagram Followers from your favourite Social Media Managers in London

Get relevant followers this is so important for the algorithms otherwise irrelevant followers will stop liking and sharing and commenting on your post

There are many ways to gain Instagram followers. One effective way I found to gain Instagram Is an app called ‘Insta Follow’ which allows you to earn coins by following people automatically for you than with them coins you can earn followers, they come automatically and the process is really simple and quick.

Pros for Personal Cons for personal Pros for a business Cons for a business
Gain followers quickly Receive some hateful comments Receive mass attention Not specific to the target audience
Receive some likes Most followers are inactive Builds up a good social representation for business Inactive followers
Builds your ‘Insta fame’ Reputation
Gain some comments

Here are some strategies that social media managers in London may use to gain Instagram followers:

  1. Optimize your profile: Make sure your profile is fully filled out, with a clear bio and a link to your website. Use relevant hashtags in your bio to increase visibility.
  2. Post consistently: Post regularly and at the best times for your audience. Use a content calendar to plan and schedule your posts in advance.
  3. Use hashtags: Use relevant hashtags in your posts to increase visibility and reach a larger audience.
  4. Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and direct messages, and engage with other users by liking and commenting on their posts.
  5. Run Instagram ads: Running Instagram ads can help to increase visibility and reach a larger audience.
  6. Host giveaways and contests: Hosting giveaways and contests can help to increase engagement and attract new followers.
  7. Collaborate with influencers or other brands: Collaborating with influencers or other brands can help to increase reach and attract new followers.
  8. Use Instagram stories: Instagram stories can help to increase engagement and attract new followers, and use polls, quizzes, and questions to encourage interaction.
  9. Analyze your analytics: Use Instagram’s built-in analytics tools to track your progress and make data-driven decisions about your strategy.

It’s important to note that gaining followers on Instagram takes time and consistency. It’s also important to make sure that you are targeting the right audience and providing them with valuable content.

To get more followers on Instagram what do we need to do?

This is an important question. Instagram followers are a different breed from Facebook because they tend to go straight to the consumer their happier to deal with businesses too 2/3 of Instagram users will engage with the business.

Make sure your posts are relevant to your followers so if you’re a social media company you try and stick to social media if you’re doing cooking then stick to catering

You really need to # statistics have shown that between 10 and 13 hashtags are best because the algorithms love to pick up on this is an easy way to get the right hashtag

A really good tip is to put your hashtags in the bottom comment rather than in the body of the text

It’s such a great idea 2 post your location when you’re uploading your Instagram data

This tip is just a no-brainer you have to make comments to everybody that makes engagement with your Instagram post.

Engaging people within your tribe is a win/  win situation not only are you trying to build a relationship with a new person but this is a sure guarantee of them following you back and irrelevant follow back.

Who you follow is really key the algorithms will be really confused one minute you’re following a footballer the next minute you’re following your auntie In Australia for a professional Instagram account you need to follow similar people that are interested in similar things.

Another effective way to gain attention on Instagram is # hashtags, people search for popular hashtags such as #likeforlikes, and an app that will load relevant hashtags is ‘Tags for Likes’ also you can follow a mass amount of people randomly and wait for them to follow back.

Pros for personal Cons for personal Pros for a business Cons for a business
Receive mass likes Takes a while for likes to come through Receive specific attention from the target audience Looks unprofessional and messy
Receive some followers

One way young people gain mass followers is doing ‘SFS’ which is Shoutouts for Shoutouts, it means you post their picture and they post yours and from that people will follow if interested in you.

Pros for personal Cons for personal Pros for a business Cons for a business
Receive  mass followers Receive some hate which can resolve into conflict Receive mass attention to the brand Looking unprofessional and messy
Receive mass likes Can drain your personal image due to shouting out so much Receive mass clicks to the website if in the company’s Insta bio
Receive mass comments

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