10 reasons to use Google My Business: what does it do and how can it help my business?

In a nutshell Google My Business gets you more business, helps your local SEO, and gets the phone ringing to google my business google

.Google My Business Checklist

Social profiles for local business – Learn how 

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When people search for your business on Google, they may see links to your business’s social profiles included with your other business information in the knowledge panel in Search. Google gathers business information from a variety of sources and may include it to give customers a more detailed overview of your business.

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  1. Get you higher on Google Local
  2. 46% of searches have a local or hear me in to get found
  3. The easiest way to get found on google
  4. Perfect low-cost low time high return
  5. Local SEO strategy
  6. Increase your brand on the web locally
  7. helps you share listen to ask questions to potential customers
  8. Real-time questions and Answers
  9. Increase your credibility with reviews
  10. You can sell products and services

This blog is a review of how To use Google my business, how it works its capabilities, and its functionality.
Getting started is easy, you can call this number 0800 026 0793 it is a free phone number where you can get help to launch your GMB.
You can go online and claim your business if it already has to Google my business. https://www.google.com/intl/en_gb/business/
This process can put some people off because it can be a little bit long-winded but well worth it.
With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps its great for making the phone ring.
The call centers are generally based in India and can sometimes be challenging with language but you get through it and the reward is well worth it sometimes to verify that you are who you say you google send a postcard to your address with a five-digit number which you then clarify four days after your postcard comes along.  I called last night and the lady was lovely!
Google My Business

We have a great course if you want to take your learning further on Google My Business

Google my business started out in 2014

It gives the business a chance to verify your business it has so much functionality and it’s free and it really can give you the competitive advantage that a small to medium-size business needs.
It is especially effective for local businesses
Google my business history
2005 google local
2006 Rename to google maps
2010 google hotspots tools into google places
2014 Google my business launches
2019 free website/posts/insights/products Have authenticity Relevant Source  is to boost so I authority and topical
Google my business is a platform that has over 5 billion searches a day. It’s powered by Google, Available on desktop and application on your phone.
 It gives local businesses the advantage of national businesses because the local search section powerful with real Klout to get yourself noticed!
97% of searches are through Google, fact.
Google my business will only cost you time, love, and attention.
You will need around an hour a week quite honestly if you only spent 10 minutes a week you’d still get a return. Time spent On digital marketing can sometimes feel pointless and not as obvious and return to you really need to dedicate a few months to this and you will see the orders come in.
Gmb is the tool that allows you to promote your business online you do not have to search for customers who are searching for you.
It makes your brand more visible, you can collect data, email, and phone numbers,  you can promote your events you can put up images.
I produce this blog to demystify, probably the best return on investment that is out there right now for small to medium size businesses.
Google my business can have a dramatic effect and impact in a positive way on your business learn to read on and learn how to attract new customers with your free business profile Free website keeping your customers informed in real-time with regular updates, encourage customer loyalty, engagement with asking questions that you can reply to and discover what people really think about your business with reviews.
Google My Biz Tips 2021
Your eyes cannot help being drawn to the section on the page that is around a third of the way down
It gives you a local search with the review, the colours seriously stand out, the yellow showing how many people have review you and star ratings, the map and an image but this Position can only be had by three business.
Google gives a lot of prominence to Google my business when people are looking for local businesses. What Google is determined and focused on is delivering the best most quality search results.
The more you put on Google my business the more often you turn up in searches and the higher you gain in the Google search rankings.
The free tool also comes on Google Maps and shares your business online and increases its visibility and you get to promote and showcase your products.
This is a Completely under-exploited aspect the insights will get to see the people start to put in words that absolutely focused on what you do your products and service.
46% of all searches on Google local or for people looking for local things
78% of local mobile searches result in a purchase wow!
Google My business
For a local listing, 68% of searchers use get directional click to cool and this is absolutely trackable.
 Google my business continues to be the biggest driver of local SEO success and we see it day in day out.
Every single piece of information needs to be optimised and filled in to be completely effective.
Simple steps to fully exploiting your Google my business amazing results and quickly!
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Get your information and description right
As obvious as it may seem you need to get your address and contact details correct to let potential customers know why they should use you.
The limit is 750 characters to import information and the description fill it in with keywords, phrases that your customer would use to find you.
Your Google my business is a one-stop-shop you have an opportunity here to really sell yourself
All the information that you need to put inside is on the left-hand side in the section info
Profile images cover photos the photos and videos really bring your Google my business to life.
I have an opportunity to really showcase our work Google my business love faces so try and get as many faces as you can rather than something generic.
Picture of your team before you upload your images name them as keywords go wild because this is what gets effective searches
In the type of words, people are likely to be searching for
Canva can resize your tall remember that the profile image should be 250 x 250  pix Canva can resize your tall remember that the profile image should be 250 x 250 Pixels
Before and after shots are brilliant for GMB
Photos and videos video duration only last for 30 seconds video max file is 100 MB YouTube is owned by Google so if it’s relevant and informative video testimonials. Sometimes you get a minute generally the rule of thumb is 30 seconds videos.
Google My Business Checklist

Try google.com/streetviews/apps/

This app gives you a 360 image It will still review it to you on Google Street view update as when you need to take external and internal images. Literally paid £600 for this service five years ago and it’s free now!
So sometimes Google just post an image of your business and this isn’t the most flattering of images and they’re only trying to be helpful, you do not have any control The images they choose. By managing your profile it put you back in control, regular updates of the most flattering images both inside and outside and of your staff is the most sensible thing that you can do as a business owner. Left a managed customer could be looking at images of your bins or looking at the most unsightly part of your business. You get to showcase the best parts.
The question and answer section in your Google my business is the most unsung hero ever had the knowledge center to Gmb
A common expert becomes the authority become the place that people go to to ask questions.
Is the section on Google my business acts like a social media platform? No Automation of real human interaction.


Practically nobody uses the Q&A section but is the most undervalued. Google wants people to interact and see how can you help one another.
The more the Use this product the more you can become visible online increase in business can only follow.
The next addition to Google my business is Google posts. This functionality highlight your business events, you can do promotions, showcase your product or services.
 Tips and advice is an easy way to grab people’s attention, promotions weekly specials offer informative posts that are really outstanding at the return on investment the time.
Repurposed content is some of the content you already have, your Instagram account Facebook, Twitter YouTube your newsletters & images on your phone.
You are allowed 10 live posts in one week but they do expire within one week.
The Exception to that rule is if you have an event there are different types of posts the more you post the more you get noticed but remember you only have 10 and they only last 1 week.
Getting people’s information and be a game-changer for building relationships and closing sales.
Click on to create a post,  signup asks you where you want to collect the data straight into the Mailchimp on your Facebook.
People can buy there and then!
A really big player on gaining the lead!
5 % GMB

The reviews

Reviews are a massive thing. You should have at least 50 reviews a year for your business the golden place you really want to be to be the northern star of all the businesses is 50 reviews. You have to be authentic and real do you not make up your reviews and they should be from the person that left a review.
Send people here after you’ve done a massive job put it on your invoice and it would make such a difference even if you’ve got a waiting room and people just hanging around encourage people to give you a review.
97% of consumers read online reviews for a local business or they make the decision they can make or break the sale
Don’t become world-class at getting ready, just encourage the reviews don’t wait, and hope for positive feedback is a great referral of traffic
Encourage new customers, in fact, anybody who buys from you to leave a review
It’s a really good idea to discipline yourself to always respond to reviews because the words you use are indexable by the Google bots.
Something to remember.  people are less likely to give you a negative review if they can see that you’re active on your Google my business giving a reply to the reviews you receive.
If you can become a five star business on GMB  it really separates your business from the competition, increases the click-through rate and it really makes your brand have some credibility.

Messaging Functionality

The messaging functionality in GMB is a new feature, you download the Google my business app and you get something like messenger getting direct messages from Google my business and have the ability to respond to customers in real-time.
Somebody goes onto your profile and sends you a message there and then.
Another new feature is bookings so if you a restaurant or a salon you can now link it 20% of a pair of sunglasses, wait for restaurants that want to book a table.
Insights are unbelievable when you look at the words of people choosing to come to you not under your control this gives you back the control.
Look behind the scenes the numbers do not lie. A Section called insights in Google my business is really important at back-office reporting.
How customers search for a business the first part is in green it is direct traffic this customer who find your listing searching for your business name or address.
The  Blue section is called discovery, customer find your listing searching for a category, product or service.
The yellow is branded People typing in looking for you. customers find your listing searching for a brand related to your business. Could even be competitors!
GMB tips

Direction Requests

Brand-new customers can ask your website for a request for directions.
You can Instant message another great return on investment when it comes to measuring what your actions are.
It’s really important that you measure the responses compare to the effort you’re putting in you know if the squeezes worth of juice.
Direction requests are the map displays where your location and where you have pined
It tells you where your customers are when they ask Google maps for directions to address the total number of requests broken down by the postcode.
You can add labels in your info section
Can organise business locations by adding labels that can be seen by anyone that manages your Google my business please play around with this
Fresh content is king stay in that local Section of Google and you stay front of mind totally ahead of the game, and the phone doesn’t stop ringing me or does have a consistency rather than peaks and troughs.

Big tip  Meta Tags appears in browser tabs, bookmarks, and in search result pages.

Make your title tags clear, concise (65 characters, 200-569 pixels), and include your most important keywords.

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