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This video as a crazy amount of views – getting the trust of people is not easy- online being seen is so important

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SEO is complicated — so don’t attempt to do everything at once! There’s a ton of intricacies in our work. From website auditing to link building, doing SEO really means doing a million things 251 different algorithms So you have to spread your SEO efforts in a way that doesn’t immediately overwork you. Remember that you can do anything, but nobody can do everything call us so we can do it for you .

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I will chair a panel discussion at the conference on the topic of: Focus on Social Media and Marketing. The panel is currently scheduled for the morning of Monday 6th April, with the following participants:

Monday 6th April 2020 : 09.30-10.30

Focus on social media and marketing

Iain Mellis, Mellis Eyecare

Kirsty Litherland, Holland Opticians

Guest GARRY KOUSOULOU ”GOODLOOKING OPTICS” Tonight at our TV program Faces we host Mr Garry Kousoulou who is an ophthalmologist and talks about ophthalmology, his life, family, for his greek roots, how good his relationship is with the greek community in London, how proud he is being greek and his successful career in social media and seo

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