Instagram Timeline Update

Do you know the Instagram

 algorithm is different from

the Facebook algorithm?

Facebook you need consistent postings 3 x a week on your page

Instagram consistency is less important and it’s about a lovely post great stories and engaging videos.


Respect the platform and get your hashtags right in the number of them and a good mixture of popular titles and smaller hashtags.


The new Instagram timeline update to put the more relevant post on your was being released today, which didn’t go down well with users who took to Twitter to vent their frustrations at the changes. One woman has even started a petition on to revert the decision and has over 300,000 signatures currently.


The update was announced earlier in March when CEO Kevin Systrom explained in a recent interview “On average, people miss about 70 per cent of the posts in their Instagram feed, What this is about is making sure that the 30 per cent you see is the best 30 per cent possible.”

The only way around this? Turn on the notifications for accounts you want to keep up with.

This wasn’t the only problem for Instagram. Want to log out? Good luck as it’s disappeared.

Yes, it’s literally disappeared from the app. The only way to sign in and out of accounts is to delete the app and re-install it.

Instagram has responded to the complaints about the logging-out errors, but it remains to be seen if they will backtrack on the timeline update.

For now, the Instagram timeline update looks like it will be staying, but should the petition reach a huge figure, it could cause them to rethink the changes.

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