Detail of how to get to page 1 on google more leads and phone calls


Content is the best way to get results online. Period.

That’s probably why 92% of B2B businesses use content marketing to generate business.

It helps drive traffic to your website and keeps visitors around for longer.


It engages people and builds trust.

And ultimately – it helps you sell.

But you can only be successful at content marketing if you’re consistent, your content provides real value and it’s delivered to your audience at the right moment and in the right place.

I’m often asked how do I generate such a high ROI from content. Let’s remove the obvious answers about having great content (which is stating the obvious :-D). I truly believe that one of the main reasons is simply by being super organized.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just by having an where you can plan all of your content in one place (from blog posts, social media updates, newsletters, video, podcasts… you get the gist 🙂

There really is no excuse to get your content marketing in order for 2020 with my free editorial calendar template  On top of that, in this guide you can learn:

  • how to set goals for your content marketing strategy
  • how to come up with amazing content ideas based on actual research
  • how to build an editorial calendar in Google Sheets (although you can always download the free template!)
  • useful tools for creating an editorial calendar.

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