Make The Most of YouTube

Make The Most of YouTube

YouTube SEO can be utilised by peppering search engine buzzwords in the right places. Don’t just repeat them in places where they don’t fit. This includes your tags, though don’t overdo these. There’s also the possible guerrilla tactic of including misspelt tags, as typos are common when searching online, and this will catch those misspelt searches too. 

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Technically, by setting up a YouTube page you’re creating a tv channel. This is the channel to use to broadcast to your viewers whenever they want to view it. I hasten to add that there should be brand unity with this channel, alongside everything else you do, in terms of brand/colour/feel. 

From my own experience, customers have travelled long distances just because they’ve seen a video of me. They were so impressed with the sincerity and integrity within it, that they wanted to buy from me. Let’s face it, nobody can act like an Oscar-nominated actor straight away, it’s difficult to really fake a video. So when your video is sincere and the passion shows, people will trust you.

Top tips about how to set up your YouTube layout:

1. Engaging Video 

2. The video should be findable 

3. Title tag and description 

4. Brand your channel 

5. Add annotations 

6. Add your channel art 

7. Think big, start small 

8. Get support – watch YouTube for what you are unsure about 

9. Answer as many comments as you can immediately 

10. Comment on the videos of others, as long as they are valid comments 

11. See if others are doing what you plan to do and see if you can do it differently whilst learning from them Post regularly. If you say that you’ll do a video on a Friday – do it. On YouTube, you can queue videos for when you’re away.

12. Think of who your audience is and how you address them. Have a vision of who they are.


More than anything, have fun with it and don’t be frightened!


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