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.  SECRETARY/TREASURER announces next Education spot:

          I would like to introduce our next education spot that focus on relationships and how they 

         can benefit in business

First some wise words from our BNI founder Dr Ivan Misner “Networking is more about “farming” than it is about “hunting”. It’s about cultivating relationships

         These words are spoken a lot in bni, But what does it mean to be a Famer? You invest in people and make them grow, A hunter kills and takes with no investment in people  

         I would like to pass over to our second speaker Garry Kousoulou  

          who will be talking about winning big ticket clients and collaboration?

top 8  bits of Key information to get to know somebody

 don’t think I heard from you so please could you send back answers to the following questions by end of tomorrow so I can get the combined version to Thrasos by Tuesday morning first thing?

  1. How many years you’ve been your current business for?
  2. Just one of your previous jobs (make it fun, funny or interesting, if possible)?
  3. Are you married?
  4. Do you have kids, if so how many?
  5. Do you have any pets/animals, if so, how many, what are they and what are their names?
  6. A single activity or hobby that may interest the room?
  7. A burning desire (I will probably choose one and give it to Thrasos with no name)?
  8. Something nobody knows about you (once again I will choose one and not tell Thrasos who)?
  9. The key to your success (as above I will anonymise this and choose one)



do you want to break the internet?


Established in 2011, BNI Outstanding is part of Business Networking International, a global organisation founded 35 years ago in the US by Ivan Misner.

  1. op-notch content: It’s a common misconception that AM Days is suitable only for beginner-level affiliate marketers or eCommerce companies new to affiliate marketing. The reality is that it was created for serious professionals focusing on advanced content.
  2. Practical knowledge: No vague theory; just useful tools, tips, and techniques that will immediately impact your ROI. Don’t just take our word for it. ” I found the speakers to be of high caliber and the sessions relevant to the many different swathes of affiliate programs out there. You can expect to leave with proven strategies, ideas, and tips to help your affiliate programs”. Affiliate Manager, Zappos.
  3. Concrete solutions: Get the information you need to help you get ahead of your competition, and also find answers to your unique situations and problems.
  4. Laser-focused networking: What do Zappos, Shutterfly, HostGator, LifeLock, and Allstate have in common? All these are known for sending their teams to AM Days! Do you really want to miss an opportunity to “talk shop” with other affiliate marketing professionals, learning from others while building your industry knowledge?
  5. Kick-off every day  the right way: Finally, there’s no better way to kick-off a fresh new year than by taking advantage of all these opportunities.


Hello everyone and welcome to the Marketing Powerteam Presentation. We have 3
simple aims today. The first is to help everyone here see the value that each one of
our individual businesses has to offer and the second is to show you the referral
cascade you could set off by introducing any one of us to a new client because of the
connection between many of our services (we all know that a single referral to a
member of the Trades team could result in many more as a project progresses, but
the same is absolutely true for our Marketing team as well, something we hope you’ll
appreciate that little bit more after our presentation today).

We’ve a strong powerteam of amazing creatives, but we’d love to be even stronger.
So, our third and final aim for today is to highlight a few gaps we’ve identified in our
team, individuals we’d love to come join us and why their addition to our powerteam
would be of benefit to them, to our clients and to this chapter as a whole.

By way of example of this we’ve decided to base our presentation today around a
client that any, or all, of our powerteam members could work for. We could have
chosen a construction firm or luxury developer, a restaurant or a charity, but for
today’s presentation we’ve chosen, by majority vote, an academy. Specifically, The
Totteridge Academy in Whetstone. It’s a secondary school that I saw with my son
recently and was particularly impressed with on their open day. If they were an
actual client of ours it would be their Director of Operations, Matthew Furnival, that
we’d be dealing with, so, for the purposes of example only, today, we’re all talking
about how we could help Matthew to take The Totteridge Academy to new heights

Each workshop is limited to 75 attendees, and we’re heading for a sell-out!


If you would like to come along to a meeting call us

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