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Opticians and Social Media in 3 easy steps

Tip 1. Get more Google reviews

Which practice is your new patient going to pick?

The opticians with 5 reviews or the opticians with 50+ Google reviews?

For every year you are open you should have 10 reviews.

Is that you? Or do you need to catch up?


Tip 2. Have an up-to-date website

This should include new frames, opening times, a blog, and the ability to book an appointment.

Keep your blog full of great information. A great guide for all that are searching for you.   


Tip 3. Keep consistent with social media

Make sure the platforms you have build trust, are engaging and informative

Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Youtube 



No time to do this?

That’s ok, outsource to a social media company that knows optics!





It’s 2020 and Covid was the game-changer no one saw coming.

Your patients are no longer wandering around the high street looking for you.

They are now online!

They are online, looking for Opticians.

Browsing through your social media pages. Looking at reviews. Taking note of who is on the first page of google and passing judgment before they have even taken a step inside the practice.

For every one person that enters your store, there are plenty who decided to visit a rival because they have a better social media presence.

Many Opticians have the basics set up – Facebook, Twitter, and the rare one with an Instagram account – but are they really utilizing it?

Done properly, you can increase the chances of introducing a practice to a wider demographic.

For example, if an optician in Stamford hill is utilizing social media properly, they can get their practice noticed across North London.

If you don’t have a Social Media strategy in place, it is likely that you won’t use it as much. You get busy with in practice work and social media can begin to seem like a chore or at worst, a waste of time. However, Covid or not Social Media needs to become an optical staple like buying new frames, keeping ontop of lens advancements or maintaining your C.E.T points.

Here are 3 tips for Opticians on what they need to be doing on Social Media…

  1. Consistent & Engaging posts

A lot of Opticians are only posting maybe, once or twice a month. For many of them, Social Media is still a tool they feel doesn’t apply to them or is maybe for the younger demographic alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. And once they realise that social media is a place where they can market their practice, then the world is their oyster. You can’t expect to post once a month and come back for the next month with 2,000 new likes and the phone ringing off the hook. You have to be posting engaging content consistently. Having your audience talking and sharing your posts is the goal. According to this article, the average Facebook user has 338 friends, When a user shares one of your posts, everyone who is on their friend’s list sees that post. It’s not only getting your posts seen by more people, but the user is recommending your page by sharing your content with their friends and family. When doing a collection of spectacles or an adjustment if you know the patient well why not ask for a testimonial? Opticians and Social Media is easy if you have time if not call loving social media for no obligation.

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