Making a difference with the trust of Video

We made this video via zoom on the webinar for one of our clients yesterday. It was amazing to have 50,000 watched the video being shared on all the social media platforms.

You cannot fake it when you are on video This is about making a difference with trust being such an integral part of marketing, video is almost a necessity and should be a part of any well-rounded campaign. V=C=P . \if you want to know more call us for a free zoom call 02038468888

This leads us to a very important question. How do you create a trust-boosting YouTube profile page getting more fans?

In this post, I’ll cover some essential elements your  page should have as well as some practical tips for engaging your viewers…. via video

play some music

make a off the cuff video

personal brand?

Firstly I want to acknowledge how difficult a time everyone is experiencing for various reasons and if you or your loved ones have been affected by whats going on in the world then we send you infinite love and healing energy.

Adopt remote-working strategies and communication methods to meet social distancing requirements while maintaining productivity
– Discourage sensationalist reactions and maintain factual discourse around the disease
– Educate employees on how to prevent the spread of the virus
– Keep employee needs top-of-mind and instill confidence in the organization’s response
– And more!

I’m sharing this because I want to emphasize that it is CRITICAL during these economically rough times as Agencies that you and I align our businesses to get as close as we can to our client’s revenue!

… and don’t just pivot!

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The world is changing and business owners need to change with it! In this fast-paced, actionable and transformational session, Garry Kousoulou will unveil 5 different ways you can start creating more revenue based on your expertise

1 use social media

2 SEo up your website

3 make video

4 Connect with people

5 network online and offline

1. Review your ads for any basic typos or issues. Make sure your ads are an appropriate match for your keywords and targeted locations.

2. Make sure your ads highlight the most important selling points of your product or service. Don’t use vague wording that doesn’t mean much.

3. Pause ads that are underperforming.

4. Write new ads – test against your current top performing ads and try to improve results.

For a more detailed explanation and examples, watch today’s videos on our Facebook 

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