Peaty wins gold,

Peaty wins gold


Not only has Adam Peaty brought home the gold in the mens 100m breaststroke but Jazz Carlin has gone and got Team GB a silver medal in freestyle!  

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The support and well wishes for these olympic champions are absolutely staggering! Former olympic champions and civilians alike are outpouring on social media! Rebecca Adlington tweeted that she was in tears when Peaty wins gold!

It is no doubt that Peaty and Carlin’s lives are about to change. As a society we love to know more, to know everything. We have all done it, a quick Facebook search of a friend and then 2 hours later we’re looking at pictures from their holiday in Barcelona in 2010! There is a spill over of attention, usually directed towards those closest to the object of interest and in the case of Peaty it appears to be his …. grandmother! 

Peaty’s grandmother has been receiving a substantial amount of attention and since Sunday morning, going from just 106 Twitter followers to a staggering 3,000+ followers!!! More than one Peaty wins gold!

All she has done is congratulate her grandson and express just how proud she is of him and watched her twitter following rise by over 2000! Win gold on social

Social Media can be brutal at times, with celebrities, athletes and footballers all getting scrutinised but the olympics has always been a time of banding together to support our team. Rio 2016 has proven to be no different.