Working Remotely In 2022

Managing a social media SEO agency by working remotely  through Covid 19

It’s taken around 8 weeks for me to get my head around how can I manage my team remotely and we are still improving on the system.

We are a social network for my company in London. I hope these simple tips will help you go through your days.

Online teamwork is going to take a while, but when it does work it can be better than “real life”. It takes special personalities to want to sit in front of a screen all day and keep focused.

If you own a digital agency you need to get on top of this because this is the new normal.

1. Establish Team Norms and Expectations
2. Instill a Sense of Purpose
3 Promote Work-Life Balance
4. Get your staff to get dressed


Agreements that need to be worked out:

Talk about how long is acceptable for your staff to get back to you – is 10/15 minutes fair?

Company in the B2B space uses social media for customer service and the same standards for your staff.


Agree to break and creative time

1-hour lunch and lots of 10 min breaks. Learn to know when to step away from your desk. It’s so important the team have time together on zoom! Bounce ideas of each other.

• Be intentional about your readjustment plan.

• Take it one step at a time.

• Don’t neglect the fundamentals (exercise, enough sleep, a balanced diet)

• Ask for help if you need it, be it from HR, friends or colleagues.

Deliver Amazing for your customers

25% over average – way better than good. Create passion and loyal predictable and consistent experience. Over-deliver and under-promise. You need the buy-in from your team to achieve amazing.


 The worst online meetings are when one person is talking!

Engagement from your staff is so important because you are not with them, get the point of view and feedback from your staff. In an online meeting, the boss can easily just talk to the staff and engage the whole team.


Empowering  your staff to guild  themselves to write the to-do list

Teaching empowerment is not easy, some staff like to be led, it’s just when ownership is taken you get 10% more care and ownership ship. Setting the goal for your team is Good, The team setting their own goals is Outstanding.


Set expectations and trust your team.

Be clear about mutual expectations and trust your team to get on without micromanaging. Focus on results rather than activity.


It’s really important that your team have the right tools

So having your own mindset right it’s so important the simple things like making sure that you are dressed appropriately for work because you’re going to be in front of the screen gentlemen we need to have shaved girls make yourselves look presentable. You’re a third of the way there when you look presentable daily exercise is another important factor you’re going to be sitting more than moving around and moving into an office so having breaks every hour is important. Having one-to-one time with your staff is also very important it makes them feel special when you really get to understand them

buying your stuff lunch can still happen virtually don’t forget that

it’s easy for things to not feel real.

Teamwork on line

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