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And we’re coming at you with different types of digital marketing that’s what this is about is for entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs that want to know more about how to market their business online so Harry do and introduce yourself and tell us your story my name is Harry Williams I’m the owner and director of subset UK we are a technical solutions company focusing on hosting websites distribution and content delivery and yeah you know we’ve been doing it for a few years now and we’ve learned all the tricks of the trade I think we we know they got cheers and don’t do’s and harry and i found always all about hosting we’ve seen beautiful websites being built and they’ve seen stuff on the slowest host an something they traffic and they wonder why it takes 14 seconds to load a website and then they move over to us now all my God it’s like under a second loading times and people would truly shocked it but host could make such a difference this rewind a little happy did in digital marketing for 10 – 11 years an I am a search engine optimization connoisseur no guru I there’s so much more to learn and search engine optimization I think is a place you need to understand that your website is your domain when you build a business on Instagram or facebook or Pinterest or home wherever it happens to be that is not your domain the best return on investment is email as things stand and what we got the reason I’ve asked Harry to be my first guest is because I believe that hosting quite likely is the most important thing this week I’ve got a shocking story from 2 lovely ladies that teach dyspraxia and dyslexia and these lovely ladies they were using a company that happened to outsource…



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