Social Media Online / Offline Courses

Social Media Online / Offline Courses

Social Media Online / Offline Courses


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The reason we love to teach social media it’s because of the value we bring.

We help companies that feel left behind since Web 2.0 so many things have happened and it saddens me to see great businesses not reaching out the true potential.

The simple matter is people don’t know you exist if you haven’t got a digital presence so I love to do one to one training if you call me I’ll make myself available And I will teach groups of people or a one to one social media management is a joined-up approach more soul than just Instagram or twitter or LinkedIn you really need to understand your platforms respective platforms and appreciate the platform

Having respect for the platform’s integrity is a must this is what we teach we teach how to get a return on investment with actionable things that you can actually take away.

Whether it be Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Instagram podcast Ng there is a strategy how to use all of these and if you use the mall the same as a plumber doing an electrician’s job you’re only going to get halfway to effectiveness

Platform  etiquette of  Any digital platform holds the key to successful implementation we get told we mirror who’s in the room so whether you’re an advanced social media expert or your knew too digital marketing we can deliver the workshop for you 


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