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Google is the biggest Search Engine in the world. It’s so sophisticated that you will get the best results for your search queries. It has many add-ons such as Gmail and Google+ 

YouTube is a Video Search Engine. It is owned by Google, so if you are maximizing the potential on YouTube it will be reflected on Google. 

Facebook is aiming to rival Google and be the best Search Engine available. Facebook is for pictures, text and videos. Having a Facebook Fan page is great for the company’s 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Facebook also owns Instagram. 

Twitter is a microblogging platform where you can share text, pictures, and videos with one another. It doesn’t have such a strong (SEO) hold as Facebook. Twitter also owns Vine. 

LinkedIn is the school uniform of Social Media. It is a platform where you can share news, stories and is the equivalent to having an online CV with skills and previous work experience. LinkedIn also owns Slideshare. 


Read this chapter carefully. Get this bit wrong and EFFECTIVENESS IS POINTLESS! 

I should begin by explaining why the book begins with a chapter in branding and marketing. You need to be crystal clear about the message that you want your business to amplify and the story you want it to tell. Without stating the obvious, put out the right consistent message to get the results that you want. 

Just before opening my optical practice in 2004 I was obsessed. I was obsessed with reading, obsessed with how I was NOT going to fail. This educational journey began by learning how to market and brand a business. A business has three departments: finance, operations, and marketing. Right off the bat I already had a natural interest in marketing, I found all the books about marketing that applied to me and everyone that I read was mentally devoured. 

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Let me explain to you the purpose of marketing as I see it. The aim of marketing is to continue getting new customers whilst also keeping the existing ones sweet. Marketing is how you present your brand, be it a personal brand or that of your business. Your brand is what you wear on your sleeve, complete with the core values that it represents. This is what your customers trust. So obviously, creating such a thing out of the blue is not easy. 

Out of all the books that I read, one was 

a stand out that made a lot of sense to me. It was a little yellow book. I lent it to someone and do not remember the title, but it must have been good if they didn’t return it! But let me share the content with you 

The concept is easy – name three of your favorite brands and explain why you chose those brands. Here were my three at the time: 

Singapore Airlines. They had amazing customer service. I was on a flight back from Australia at ridiculous o’clock and the cabin crew still had warming smiles and wanted to help us as much as possible. I have never experienced such great customer service before or since. MTV. I love music and back then MTV played the best and the coolest music around. Tesco. You could buy the best brands and the value range all under one roof. They catered for the needs of everyone who walked into their store. 

I wanted my opticians, GoodLooking Optics, to encompass all the values of these companies and brands that I love. Your favorite brands should help encapsulate what your business should feel like. What do their mission statements say about them and how can you replicate those thoughts into your own business? Everything that you do 


should be based on these key values and 

everything should be tied together by one common thing – your brand. None of your marketing material should stray even an inch from your branding and key values, be it business cards, leaflets, websites. If it doesn’t tie in with the brand – scrap it! 

I tried this exercise on a singer today who was struggling to brand herself. The technique worked just as well. She chose Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Aretha Franklin. After she gave me these names we were then able to look at how these artists got their breaks, how they styled themselves and their albums and how we could learn from these to better her future. This worked just as well and she is now moving forward in her music career. 

My advice is to list your top three brands and look at the companies’ mission statements online. You can really get a lot of inspiration from them. Before long other companies will want to follow you and learn from your brand. 

Apple’s first mission statement was “to make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” It’s a lot easier to amplify your message when you know your brand and you’re comfortable with it. 

In conclusion, if you are trying to build a brand, stick to three characteristics of the brand you are trying to mimic, whether it be online or offline, for example, business cards, YouTube and Facebook. 


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