I must say how much I love speaking to independence opticians.

It’s a great privilege to be able to speak to fellow independent opticians and I happen to have made a career of marketing opticians and I’m very proud of that.

The sight care conference was an experience independent opticians coming together with startup opticians and the industry’s real thought leaders combining to network and learn

I’ve created the page on loving social media specifically for people that couldn’t make it.

What we wanted the goal of the workshop to be is that the practice is appreciated for the subjects that it’s an authority on so it might be Clinical Excellence, myopia control, frame adjustments, and frame styling if you don’t let Google know what you are an authority on and you’re not first page or as well as hidden and you’re missing out on lots of potential business.


We have some easy steps to follow fundamentally Google wants to see you as an authority figure before it ranks you on page one a really famous search engine optimisation saying is The best place to hide a dead body is to look on page 2 because nobody looks there!



Which type are you?



Ask from the graph you can see the Google have created a dominance as a directory virtual digital thesaurus!

People use this as a research tool and they researching to find out who the best optician around this they will sometimes be more educated than you about high index lenses or varifocal progressives so if you want to rank highly on search engine optimisation you’re going to need to be an authority and have a plan.


what gains the most \SEO?

For Google to work effectively it needs to make first page sport the most authority of page on the web otherwise Google would be pretty ineffective

appreciate that Google and Facebook and all social media work collectively Google wants content social media once engagement they work very differently.


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